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‘Friendship diet’ is a healty strategy

?When we lose 20 pounds…we may be losing the 20 best pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty.? ?Woody Allen


Let?s imagine that you?re looking to lose a few pounds. You could (a) belly dance; (b) starve your belly; or (c) belly laugh.

I know, that?s a tough one. But go ahead, choose letter C. You?ll be happy to learn, as I was, that authentic, deep, spontaneous laughter is a legitimate calorie burner. But none of those phony humor-the-manager or shut-up-the-salesman partial chuckles?it has to be the real


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The mysteries of life keep growing

Life is full of mysteries. For example, I wonder how long it will take people of Kansas to realize that the law requires that they turn on their vehicle headlights whenever there is enough moisture to require windshield wipers. I?m pretty sure that law was passed last year.

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Greensburg experience difficult

  • When watching the weather on television Friday night, we knew Greensburg was probable for a tornado. Since my cousin Paul Unruh and wife Shirley live there, I took more notice of the warning than usual.

    My heart sank Saturday morning when I read an e-mail from Paul?s sister Carol that Paul and Shirley?s farm seven miles south of town had been hit and everything was destroyed.

  • I decided to help clean up. I knew other cousins and family members were going there Saturday, so I decided to wait until Sunday and take my brother-in-law along.
    Not knowing exactly how to get there because U.S. Highway 54 was closed at Pratt, we opted to take U.S. Highway 50 to Kins?ley and then south on 183 past the west side of Greensburg.

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Letters (Week of May 9, 2007)

Bond hits farmers when they?re down   I am very much opposed to the school bond that we will vote on in June. I feel it is more a want and wish list than a needs list. The number of students is declining each year. The part of the bond proposal that I oppose most is to build a new […]

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Pork N Beings
Pork N Beings

Pork N Beings

FilthyRich712.jpg Filthy rich

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Unintended Benefit

Somewhat by accident, Hillsboro experienced the potential benefit of visitor dollars when cooperation rules the day. Simultaneously on Saturday, the Marion County Fair Association was holding its annual 4-H Beef Spring Show, the Hillsboro Recreation Commission was hosting a boys? baseball tournament, and the Christiansen Ranch near Durham was operating the first day of a two day cattle-dog competition?all in […]

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Some ?fields of dreams? worth the cost

On June 5 the Hillsboro school district will vote on a $6.625 million bond issue to upgrade the elementary and middle schools, construct new athletic facilities at the high school and develop a unique public/private athletic field to be shared with Tabor College.

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Devoted hero worship from a-Farr

When I saw the dress almost four years ago from the traveling ?M*A*S*H? exhibit from the Smithsonian at the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, I never imaged that I?d get to meet the man who wore it.

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Father, son share good moment

In the like-father-like-son department, I headed to the James Thomas
Invitational track meet Friday. I ran into Greg Topham, his wife and
her parents just after the boys? 3,200-meter race. They were delighted
as Topham?s son, Andrew, running for Peabody-Burns, had just bettered
Greg?s all-time high school best by about a second.

They now have a special memory that will stay with them for a
lifetime. Andrew is listed as having one of the state?s best times this
season in the 3,200.

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New TAPP approach seemed to work well   This year the junior and senior parents met and decided to try something different for the Trojan After Prom Party. We still provided a safe, fun atmosphere for the students without alcohol or drugs, but we chose to bus the students to The Alley, a recreational facility in Wichita that has go-carts, […]

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