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Pork N Beings (Week of Sept. 26, 2007)
Pork N Beings (Week of Sept. 26, 2007)

Pork N Beings (Week of Sept. 26, 2007)


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Editorial- Welcome home?

What is the purpose of a high school homecoming week? From the word itself, one might assume it would have something do with people ?coming home? to a particular place of origin?as in alumni returning as honored guests to the old alma mater in order to reconnect with former classmates and embellish a few memories. And yet very few (if […]

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Sweeping porches is a neglected art

??It?s a chore seldom done at any place you don?t personally call
your own. You might, for a friend in serious need, load a dishwasher or
fold a load of laundry. You might even look after her toddler, if she
is busy, God forbid, throwing up with the flu. But you?ll not likely
sweep off any porch, anywhere, unless is belongs to you.
? ?Sharon Randall

Proving once again that I spend too much time on the
Internet, I was searching through online newspapers prowling for topic
ideas or anything interesting.

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If only politcal debates were civil?

Back in October 2004, I wrote about a slightly satirical, fictional debate between two political candidates. I never published it, until now.

As I re-read this piece, I reflected on the events that transpired from then until now. It was enlightening to say the least. Perhaps it will be that way, too, for you. The column begins, slightly abridged to fit into limited space.

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A tale of two parallel journeys

A few months ago I read an interesting profile in my Kansas Alumni magazine about a man named Waldo Dick

He was born in the Ukraine almost 90 years ago but ended up in Newton, where he worked for a Mennonite paper. I?m guessing it was the Mennonite Weekly Review. The article stated he attended Bethel College and then transferred to KU.

He still goes to work each day at the East Allen Courier, a
free-circulation weekly newspaper in Grabill, Ind., which he has owned
since 1955.

My path has been similar. I worked at the Mennonite
Weekly Review, went to Bethel one year, transferred to KU and have
ownership in a free weekly newspaper. I just have 30 more years to go
to catch up with this guy. I wonder if we are related, since my mom?s
maiden name was also Dick.


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Pork N Beings (Week of Sept. 19, 2007)

Pork N Beings (Week of Sept. 19, 2007)


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Memory Maker

Planning and preparation can carry you a long way in life, but only so far. That lesson was relearned Saturday when Mother Nature played havoc with the craft fairs in Hillsboro and Marion by serving up a unexpected dose of wet and cool weather. This kind of interruption surprised us after so many occurrences of decent-to-great weather over nearly four […]

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Economies are huge in this nation

It?s hard to put into perspective how big the U.S. economy really is. I found a Boomtown USA blog recently that compares the economies of our 50 states with those of other countries. The piece was written by Mike Harvey of Winfield, who does a weekly newsletter titled ?Flourishing.?

For example, Texas generates as much annual revenue as the entire country of Canada. The Kansas economy is as big as Romania?s. California?s equals Italy?s. If you are interested in seeing a U.S. map showing the relative economies of each state in compared to other countries you can check it out at:

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This year’s fair was lacking?heat

I hope I?m not stealing publisher Joel Klaassen?s thunder by saying this, but I am very happy to introduce to you the Oracle!

The Oracle is a revamped newspaper produced by the new journalism class at Hillsboro High School, and we will be publishing an eight-page spread through the Free Press every month this school year.

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‘Local Foods’: high-calorie memories

A whole bunch of chic city folks are now gaga about eating ?local foods.? They insist most of their diet must be produced less than a hundred miles from their dinner table.

After these trendy folks eat locally for about a year, they write a book about it and fly around the country sharing their experiences in well-lighted TV studios bleating, ?My food is all organic and almost no fossil fuels were used hauling it across the country to my apartment.?

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