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One band

The bands from Marion and Hillsboro high schools proved Friday night that their respective communities can indeed make harmonious music together. Orchestrated by directors Adam Johnson of MHS and Gregg Walker of HHS, the two bands performed during the halftime of the Marion-Hillsboro football game. The symbolism was striking, particularly in the context of a high-tension matchup between the schools? […]

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First Amendment is a broad freedom

Years ago my old friend Jack was asked to appear as an expert witness in an obscenity trial in Cincinnati. Jack was a local radio personality and a stand-up comic genius.

When the defense lawyers grilled him before the trial they asked him, ?Now, you will testify that this comedian was being artistic and not obscene??

?Absolutely not,? Jack replied. ?He is totally obscene and lacks any redeeming artistic merit. That is precisely why I believe he should have the freedom to speak.?

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In pursuit of my own Nobel Prize

I want a Nobel prize.

No, seriously, I think I deserve one. After all, if Al Gore gets one, I think we should all be entitled to the honor.

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Letters (Week of Oct. 17, 2007)

City would gain by respecting differences   Most people will likely agree on at least one thing: The issue of liquor by the drink in the city of Hillsboro ignites much passion and opinion; there will always be two distinctly opposing sides on the issue. However, the matter was taken to a vote by the county in 2004. The majority […]

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Pork N Beings (Week of Oct. 10, 2007)
Pork N Beings (Week of Oct. 10, 2007)

Pork N Beings (Week of Oct. 10, 2007)

bob_20071003072432.jpg "And joining us now is Ranger Bob, who will give us some expert advice on dealing with the local grizzly bear population. Good evening, Bob! …Bob? …Bob???"

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A reminder

It bears repeating, for your sake and ours, why we launched the Free Press in 1998. National Newspaper Week, Oct. 7-13, seems to be an appropriate time to do it.

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Have we come to expect public lies?

We expect Fidel Castro to lie to us. We assume Osama Bin Ladin is telling lies when he makes one of his infamous videotapes. But, are our fellow Americans feeding us fabrications on a regular basis?

Probably. Do we care? Probably not. And, that?s the sad part. We are beginning to expect a lack of truth in all segments of society, from sports to school, from the president to the preacher.

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Jane Austen: Hollywood’s new it-girl

?Why doesn?t anything happen in Jane Austen after the wedding?
What about sequels? Pride and Prejudice?The Sequel: Darcy?s Hunting
Buddies Move In.?
?Dave Harvey

Somebody?s in the mood for love. Not throw-away, highest
bidder, until the camera stops rolling, most photogenic, ratings
driven, speed racer love.

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Local paper deliverers work hard

I was reminded last week of something that I already knew. Our home-delivery carriers are special people. Most of them are middle-school age boys and girls. Delivering the paper is one of their first jobs.

When one of our carriers came in last Tuesday with her bundles of papers (about 100 in all) and told me she was ill and couldn?t make the route, I decided to do it myself rather than find someone else to do it.

I soon found out it isn?t the easiest thing and takes a bit of perseverance. And it wasn?t even raining or cold outside, plus each paper is heavy.

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Letters (Week of Oct. 10, 2007)

Someone was killed by drunken driver   I wonder how many people remember that in 1994 a Hills?boro resident was killed by a drunken driver not more than a mile away from our city limits. I realize many residents have moved to Hillsboro since that day and wouldn?t know about it. But I want to speak against liquor by the […]

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