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How about an online primary?

Kansas won?t be having a presidential primary this time However, there would be a credible way to find out what the voters are thinking without much expense at all.

I hereby propose that all Kansas newspapers with a Web site run a poll with a uniform slate of candidates. It won?t take long to find out who the frontrunners are. It could be coordinated by the Kansas Press Association.

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What the best city, country kids offer

Teenagers are not normally part of my world. But in the past month I have had two important encounters with the under-20 crowd.

Liz Born is now 17 and recently graduated from North Side Prep?an elite magnet school with a strong arts program. I have known her since she was small enough to sleep in an improvised bassinet that we made from a dresser drawer when her parents, Dan and Mary Born, were visitors in my home a long time ago.

She had a one-woman art show June 9 at the Morpho Gallery on the north side of Chicago. I volunteered to help serve food and run errands.

She had hundreds of pieces of her whimsical grotesques on display, ranging from lobster ladies to Mayan warriors. As they sold, she put a red dot on the frame. By the end of the evening she had sold more than three quarters of them?thus selling more in one evening than Vincent Van Gogh sold in his lifetime.

Even I bought a small painting of a Mayan warrior who has a nice uniform and a few extra arms.

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Trip west was sulfur-ifically exciting

Over the last few years?OK, I?m just going to warn you right up front that this column has no real point?I?ve had several excursions during the summer vacations, all of which were pretty exciting. But my family?s mid-June expedition this year was by far the most exciting, as measured in extremely potent sulfur fumes.

This year, in protest to our previous far-east trips, my family opted to trek up in the general northwestern direction. Of course, we drove for those long distances east, so why not drive for this one?

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Letters (Week of July 4, 2007)

Would have liked local hospital support I would like to thank everyone for their support during Perry?s recent illness and month-long hospital stay, especially Dr. Hodson. However, I am sad that we didn?t receive support where we needed it most?from our area hospitals. Both Hillsboro and Marion hospitals refused to admit him to swing bed because he is ?too much […]

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Scientific advancements help humanity extend its reach as far as it can

Recent events inspired me to write about a few things that have been on my mind lately. They?re aspects of something Bill O?Reilly calls the ?culture war.? See, I?m one of those people O?Reilly would call a ?secular progressive.?

To begin, let?s consider that phrase for a moment. The first word is secular. Merriam-Webster?s online dictionary lists one of the definitions as ?not overtly or specifically religious.? That certainly fits me.

The second word is progressive. As opposed to what, Bill? Regressive? Should we regress socially to the days of slavery or to feudalism or all the way back to tribalism? Should we regress back to stone-age technologically? Of course not.

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Pork N Beings (June 27, 2007)
Pork N Beings (June 27, 2007)

Pork N Beings (June 27, 2007)

Mousse3734.jpg Regrettably, Wanda had asked for extra mousse in her hair.

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Freedom to Speak

As we prepare to celebrate our freedoms next week with Fourth of July celebrations, we would do well to remind ourselves to truly embrace the freedoms we claim to be so dear. In times of war, especially unpopular ones, we?re tempted to be less tolerant of the voices of criticism and opposition in our land. We don?t have to like […]

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Letters (Week of June 27, 2007)

Corrections needed for recent article   For the most part I was pleased with the article about me in the June 13 issue, but I want to make a few corrections. The first is about my previous employment. I lived in McPherson 14 years and in Wichita 16 years, where I worked as district manager for a safety company. I […]

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Here’s how to start a business

Thinking of starting a business? How about doing it this way. First, make sure it is something that will be obsolete rapidly (like a computer). Make new models all of the time.

Then make an operating system that runs on the computer (like Microsoft or Apple OS) that continually changes and generally works worse in many ways than the previous edition.

Then make software that runs on these systems that works the same way. As soon as it has most of the bugs out of it, reintroduce the software again with a version that doesn?t work as good.

And for lots of money, too.

Then, while you?re at it, discontinue the tech support for the earlier versions so the consumer is forced to buy the new stuff.

It?s beautiful. The consumer is at your mercy. They have committed to doing everything with a computer and there is no turning back.

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These women make a big difference

?This one?s for the girls ?Who love without holding back, Who dream with everything they have, All around the world?? ?Martina McBride


You may have heard the name Mariane Pearl. She has been in the news a lot, again. She is the widow of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan by Islamic terrorists in 2002, when Mariane was five months pregnant. There?s a movie out now based on her memoirs about her husband.

She is also an international reporter and the Global Diary columnist for Glamour magazine. It?s this Global Diary that caught my attention. I stumbled across it when I randomly bought an issue of Glamour. And now I?m hooked.

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