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Tooth issue will take some wisdom

I was enjoying myself at Hillsboro High School?s junior/senior/assorted underclassmen/several outside dates prom two weekends ago when I discovered that I have a serious dental emergency that I need to have looked at immediately.

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Another trip in the whirlwind

The whirlwind continues. We headed to sunny California and Palm Springs for the annual Association of Free Community Papers convention and trade show this past week and built in a little time to see Dave and Penny and niece Whitney in Los Angeles.

This will be my third year for peddling my photobook book printing to newspapers and other publications. The publishers and other key people who attend these events are starting to recognize me and the service I offer.

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Letters (Week of April 30, 2008)

Trails issues given no clear voice in county It comes as no surprise that trail issues in Marion and McPherson counties continues to be frustrating, confusing and volatile. To begin with, the Central Kansas Conservancy is not a responsible party in the issues of trail development. CKC lacks leadership, the organization fails to build and sustain membership and it has […]

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In the arena

We make criticizing public officials a spectator sport in this country. In a few cases, the criticism is justified, for every profession has the self-promoting huckster. But as we?ve considered the challenges facing local public servants in recent days, we recall the perspective of Teddy Roosevelt, himself a frequently maligned servant of the people in his day. Spoken in 1910, […]

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There are cats?and then ‘other’ cats

Our cat population on the farm currently stands at two, down sharply from a baker's dozen since two years ago. The short haired female?s name is Baby, a distant descendant of a female we received from some neighbors back in the ?80s.

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Less information is sometimes good

?Doctor to patient: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you are not a hypochondriac.? ?Unknown

Living in this age of technology, we can count on getting more information than is probably needed. I know there are fact hounds among us that seek the final answer to their question and will pick their way through every wrong explanation along the way to get there.

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Staff birth more than Just a baby

We are beaming at the Free Press this week as Gracelyn Abigail Just was born to our features and news writer Malinda and husband Brad Just last Wednesday.

They couldn?t be prouder and we couldn?t be happier for them.

I got to see Gracelyn and even hold her. I can tell you she is Just perfect.

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Letters (Week of April 23, 2008)

Coal plants still an issue in Legislature   Don Ratzlaff?s editoral last week lamented the use of ?Going Green? as an advertising gimmick to sell SUVs. I too find the use of environmental concerns as a ?sales hook? to be an unfortunate marketing tool. While it is a good thing that any business constructing a new building use the latest […]

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It ain?t easy being green

You know concern for the environment has reached bizarro chic when a Wichita auto dealer grabs laudatory media attention for ?going green? by constructing a brand new, ?eco-friendly? showroom to sell more gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting, status inflating, money-sucking vehicles to a ga-ga public. That?s the world we live. Let?s hope the real need to be good stewards of our environment survives […]

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Down on the farm, Vietnam style

?Can I visit a farm in Vietnam?? I asked my friend Greg Farris when we were planning our overlapping trips to Vietnam.

?No problem. My wife Chau is planning to visit her relatives who are farmers and you can come along.? Greg was also a GI in Vietnam in the 1960s. He married a Vietnamese co-worker and they have lived in California for decades.

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