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Rural retirement raises pros and cons

“You are going to do what??

This is the shocked reaction of my friends when I tell them I plan to retire in Hillsboro in a little more than three years.

?You won’t last a year before you get bored with watching sunsets and come blubbering back to Chicago with your tail between your legs,? they say sarcastically.

I have lived more than half my life in big cities. My first urban experience was Saigon when it was a combat zone in the 1960s. (And after Saigon, no American city has seemed that menacing.)

But increasingly I miss the sunrises and sunsets in Kansas plus the slower?and less expensive?way of life. The idea of someday talking to a Hillsboro real-estate agent and asking to be shown some fixer-up houses costing less than a hundred grand and knowing they will not roll on the floor laughing has considerable appeal to me.

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A way to de-dramatize boy-girl splits

Far be it for me to consider myself an expert on the Human Condition, but it has come to my attention that there are certain events that will come to an inevitable end, usually involving varying degrees of drama and emotion.

Of course, I?m talking about high school relationships.

This topic came up recently when friend Becky and I were having one of our deep, human-nature-examining discussions that we have on a fairly regular basis.

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Reader tips sometimes make it in

I have many readers who often tell me about things they think is column material. And I appreciate their interest and input. Three tips I received this week deserve mention.

Glenn Goertz told me about an unusual lightning strike on a tree across from the middle school. I went and checked it out. Usually the tree is split apart when a bolt hits, but this baby bolt caused a thin strip of bark to be missing all of the way down one branch to the trunk to the ground.

Agnes Steinert of Hutchin?son called to tell me that our word puzzle didn?t match the answers this past week. Ooops.

And Jan Amstutz told me about a 6-year-old girl who was competing in a talent show in England that has Simon Cowell as one of the judges. She sang ?Somewhere Over the Rainbow,? which was really amazing. I?ll put a link to the video in my online version of ?Nonsense? this week.

If you have photos, we need them

We published a book of old photos contributed by our readers for the Hillsboro community in 2004. It was well received and we are now under way with a similar book for Marion to be released later this year. It takes about 300 photos to make a book like this. To date we have received many interesting photos from our Marion readers, but still need many more pre-1955 pictures to make a nice book of memories for long-time residents as well as those newer to the community.

We?re sure many photos exist in scrapbooks and boxes all around town and would be a treasure for years to come in hardcover book format for the Marion community.

Our own Dick Varenhorst is a history buff himself and is someone you may contact if you have photos to contribute.

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The price of ‘survival’ is… ridiculous.

What it all comes down to, when you really analyze it from several different angles, is that it is pure human nature for an individual to do absolutely anything to survive. This is why I spent almost $15 for a sandwich and a bottle of pop. I?m not kidding. This is the perfect example why I should never be elected treasurer for a club, or carry my own wallet, for that matter.

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Wakeup Call

The death of three dogs possibly because of algae toxins at Marion Reservoir reminds us the menace still exists there.

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5 Years Ago

  • An ad hoc group of citizens calling itself the Hillsboro Linear Trail Commit?tee presented a written proposal to the city council to develop a three-block area of abandoned railroad tracks within the city into a ?linear park.? The proposal asked the city to designate $5,000 in the 2003 budget for the first phase of the park from Lincoln Street across Main Street to Ash Street. The committee stated its interest in ?developing more green spaces and recreational walking paths.? As a first step, the council instructed City Administra?tor Steve Garrett to survey business owners and residents who own property adjacent to the railroad corridor.

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10 commandments just not enough

The Pope, God bless him, issued a set of ?Ten Command?ments? for drivers last month, telling motorists to be charitable to others on the highways, to refrain from drinking and driving and to take time to pray before they even buckle up, according to an Associated Press story on the unusual document from the Vatican?s office.

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Pork N Beings (Week of July 4, 2007)
Pork N Beings (Week of July 4, 2007)

Pork N Beings (Week of July 4, 2007)


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Please step forward

Gordon Mohn?s observation that the spirit of cooperation between Hillsboro and Marion had deterriorated in recent years is sobering but accurate, by our reckoning. (See article, Page 6A.) The departing superintendnent for USD 410, an adovcate for collaboration, believes the current state of relations between Marion County?s two largest cities is as strained as it?s been in the 15 years […]

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