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Staff birth more than Just a baby

We are beaming at the Free Press this week as Gracelyn Abigail Just was born to our features and news writer Malinda and husband Brad Just last Wednesday.

They couldn?t be prouder and we couldn?t be happier for them.

I got to see Gracelyn and even hold her. I can tell you she is Just perfect.

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Letters (Week of April 23, 2008)

Coal plants still an issue in Legislature   Don Ratzlaff?s editoral last week lamented the use of ?Going Green? as an advertising gimmick to sell SUVs. I too find the use of environmental concerns as a ?sales hook? to be an unfortunate marketing tool. While it is a good thing that any business constructing a new building use the latest […]

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It ain?t easy being green

You know concern for the environment has reached bizarro chic when a Wichita auto dealer grabs laudatory media attention for ?going green? by constructing a brand new, ?eco-friendly? showroom to sell more gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting, status inflating, money-sucking vehicles to a ga-ga public. That?s the world we live. Let?s hope the real need to be good stewards of our environment survives […]

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Down on the farm, Vietnam style

?Can I visit a farm in Vietnam?? I asked my friend Greg Farris when we were planning our overlapping trips to Vietnam.

?No problem. My wife Chau is planning to visit her relatives who are farmers and you can come along.? Greg was also a GI in Vietnam in the 1960s. He married a Vietnamese co-worker and they have lived in California for decades.

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Mall malady meddles many men

United States researchers have recently revealed the discovery of a very common disease that is not new, but has gone unnoticed and untreated for decades. The disease, named Male Pattern Mallness, is a temporarily crippling virus that can potentially affect any male at some point in his life.

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Whirlwind week was a good ride

Life is never dull around here. This past week has been a whirlwind for me. My Jayhawks pulled off one of the biggest miracle finishes in NCAA Final Four history, which I have watched over and over?not to mention all the articles and Web stuff I just had to read.

Plus, I took a bus ride to Des Moines this past Thursday under the guise of saving money and for the experience. I have never ridden the bus anywhere before.

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Letters (Week of April 16, 2008)

Downtown park a boon for community   A park in downtown Hillsboro (April 2 issue)? What a wonderful idea! Congratulations to members of the Tree Board for coming up with such a beautiful vision. I see this as a nice extension of the recent Main Street improvements and a benefit to downtown businesses, their owners and employees, customers, visitors and […]

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End of the trail

Maybe we?ve seen the end of the Central Kansas Conservancy in Marion County. The reception CKC representatives received at Monday?s county commission meeting would seem to suggest that rails-to-trails is derailed here. Even though the concept of developing a biking and walking trail along the abandoned railroad right-of-way from Marion to McPherson has a certain appeal, it seemed an unrealistic […]

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Final Four isn’t the final word, right?

As I compose this column Saturday, the Final Four basketball extravaganza has yet to begin. The front page of the Wichita Eagle carries this announcement: ?To bring you results from tonight?s Kansas-North Carolina game, delivery of some Sunday newspapers may be delayed.?

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Cure for chaos: coffee or oatmeal

?There is no hope for a civilization that starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock. ?Author unknown

Can we all get this straight already? Men think women are confusing. Kids think parents are hopeless. Women think men are self-absorbed. And then we second guess that and wonder if it?s just us.

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