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Daughter?s first year has gone by fast

If you?re walking by the Just house Thursday evening, you might catch the strains of the ever-popular song ?Happy Birthday? being addressed to my daughter. My baby girl is turning 1. * * * It?s hard to believe 365 days have passed since Brad and I made the pre-dawn trek to Newton Medical Center to begin my daughter?s birth day. She?s been […]

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Saving money can be a good feeling

In addition to vibrant colors, delicate patterns and fresh silhouettes, a new trend this spring is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple?and not just for fashion gurus. And all this little-black-dress trend costs is the practice of frugality. The media call it many names?thrift, penny pinching, economizing?but the goal is the same: saving money. I have enjoyed all the money-saving tips […]

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Women’s minds: Unwanted pop-ups

Reading books is not a love my husband and I share. However, a couple years ago he agreed to read a set of books that had piqued my curiosity. I came across the books while cataloguing for the Tabor College library, and decided they would be an interesting, if not enlightening, read.

In this particular case, I judged the books by their inviting covers and intriguing titles: ?For Men Only? and ?For Women Only,? written by a husband/wife duo of Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn.

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Finding ‘me time’ benefits everyone

I?ve always been a sucker for the TV sitcom.

As a kid, I would take a bath early on Friday night, get in my jammies and settle in for ABC?s TGIF?a full lineup of kid-friendly sitcoms including ?Step-By-Step,? ?Full House? and ?Family Matters.? My sister and I would sit in our bean bags and laugh at yet another escapade resulting in Steve Urkel?s nasally ?Did I do that??

In college, I remember studying the rhetoric of popular shows and realizing the humor of a sitcom often comes from exaggerated, negative stereotypes stemming from gender, race or relationships.

Because I was engaged and married while still in school, I took a personal interest in dissecting sitcom relationships?particularly that of Debra and Ray Barone from the sitcom ?Everybody Loves Raymond.?

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Now we have something to write

I can always tell my mail has arrived by the distinct squeak-clank the mailbox makes as letters and other miscellaneous items are placed inside.

On one particular day last week, I was going through my recently deposited stash?junk, recycle bin, junk, recycle bin?when there it was, the first Christmas card of the season. I opened it to find a photo-card with three smiling faces and a merry Christmas wish.

After opening the card, I went through three levels of emotion. First, a feeling of warmth?we were remembered this Christ?mas by friends living in Oklahoma.

Second, a feeling of good intentions?our family should send out greeting cards this year with the face of our adorable 8-month-old plastered on the front.

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Be thankful even on terrible days

About a month ago, Oct. 22 to be exact, I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Just like Alexander in Judith Viorst?s children?s book, ?Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,? nothing worked in my favor. And while I didn?t wake up with gum in my hair and no one forced me to buy ugly shoes, I did contemplate moving to Australia.

The day ended with me fighting tears and a monstrous headache. To try to unwind, I opened my new copy of Real Simple magazine and came across an article about thankfulness.

Although not a new concept, the article suggested making a daily gratitude list. Even though I didn?t expect to have much of a list at the end of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, I decided to try.

And much to my surprise, I listed 11 items, even on my worst day.

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We’re in need of a (diaper) change

Change: to make the form, nature or content of something different. Reform: to change to a better state or form; to improve by alteration. Do these words sound familiar? If not, you?ve been successful at ignoring the slew of presidential advertisements flooding the airwaves. To catch you up, ?change? is to Barack Obama?s campaign as ?reform? is to John McCain?s. […]

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Beyond the block: ideas in sight

I have writer?s block. It doesn?t happen often, but when it does, disaster obviously ensues. For the past two weeks, this column has been at the back of my mind. I?ve been observant, trying to find the perfect topic to write about, but to no avail.

At first I tried writing about sleep deprivation. For nearly two months, my daughter went from sleeping six- or seven-hour stretches to getting up every one to three hours. And she wanted to eat every time.

After doing some online research, I discovered a book called ?The Wonder Weeks: How to Turn Your Baby?s 8 Great Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward.? The book says that every baby (EVERY BABY) experiences fussy periods when big developmental changes occur.

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Olympic dreams change with age

?What do you want to be when you grow up?? I remember my junior high physical education teacher asking that token question.

Before reaching that point, my answer had varied?ballerina, optometrist, lawyer?the options were endless. But in that moment, my answer was an Olympian. It was my young dream to play volleyball or compete in track and field for the USA.

But the closest I came to my Olympic moment was a two-time stint competing at the state track and field meet at Cessna Stadium in Wichita?in two events as a sophomore and four events as a junior. Even now, I clearly remember the butterflies in my stomach as my coach drove our team into the stadium parking lot and I caught a glimpse of the large arena filled with people. Although I never won gold, I did make it on the medal stand?what an impressive moment.

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Caring for a baby has its adventures

My younger sister seems to have a life full of adventure. She?s lived in Nashville, New York City and currently is a flight attendant based out of Chicago. As for me, Hillsboro?on Arts and Crafts Fair day?is the closest I?ve come to big city life. There have been moments when my (nearly nonexistent) adventurous streak longed for a bolder lifestyle, […]

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