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Caring for a baby has its adventures

My younger sister seems to have a life full of adventure. She?s lived in Nashville, New York City and currently is a flight attendant based out of Chicago. As for me, Hillsboro?on Arts and Crafts Fair day?is the closest I?ve come to big city life. There have been moments when my (nearly nonexistent) adventurous streak longed for a bolder lifestyle, […]

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Post-Natal advice: take it or leave it

Throughout my recent pregnancy, I was given many pieces of advice for the impending birth of my baby. Some I tucked away for future reference, while some I disregarded.

Countless times I was advised to sleep while the baby sleeps. In theory, this seems logical. However, somehow my 7-week-old seems to sense when I get comfortable and chooses that moment to wake up with a need to be changed, fed or played with.

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Pregnant belly brings out the strangest things in folks, including the mom

What is it about a pregnant belly that invites friends, family and even strangers to touch, comment to or otherwise harass the mother-to-be?

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