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Pink: the color of courage and hope

I have always been intrigued by symbolism. Analyzing symbolism can lead to a deeper understanding of poetry, literature and the author behind a specific literary work. But symbolism can go beyond the realms of literature to objects that are widely accepted to stand for a larger movement. For instance, imagine a yellow ribbon. In 1973, ?Tie a Yellow Ribbon ?Round […]

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Time travel could have been handy

In 1895, H.G. Wells wrote ?The Time Machine,? centering on a main character who uses a time machine to selectively travel through the years. This novella is credited with the mainstream popularization of the sci-fi concept of time travel. Since then, the notion of time travel has made millions of dollars in the film industry alone. In the 1985 movie […]

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Here?s the dirt on mom and daughter

My grandma loves to tell the story of two young girls who went outside to play. Before long, as my grandma tells it, she passed by a window just in time to see the older of the two smear mud down the front of the other?s coat. The youngest ran to the house crying, ?She got me dirty, she got […]

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Mystery of acquiring language skills

Even though it?s once again illegal to shoot fireworks, we continue to have daily explosions at the Just house. But before reporting us to the authorities, you should know that our explosions have nothing to do with fire, and everything to do with words. Now a 15-month-old, my daughter?s language development is exploding. Each day, it seems, she says a […]

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If the shoe fits, then no more blisters

I recently stepped out of my brown-and-black comfort zone and borrowed a pair of red-patent wedges to wear for my husband?s and my fifth wedding anniversary. It was refreshing to dress up for an evening out, and the bold shoes added to the fun. Shoes have the potential to make or break an outfit. First designed for foot-protection, modern shoes […]

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Value of blood donation now clear

A couple years ago, before beginning my journey into motherhood, I sat on a folding chair, waiting to donate blood at a local Red Cross blood drive. I had made my appointment for a busy time of day, so I had ample time to observe my surroundings. It was then I engaged in reading each of the survivor stories mounted […]

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Daughter?s first year has gone by fast

If you?re walking by the Just house Thursday evening, you might catch the strains of the ever-popular song ?Happy Birthday? being addressed to my daughter. My baby girl is turning 1. * * * It?s hard to believe 365 days have passed since Brad and I made the pre-dawn trek to Newton Medical Center to begin my daughter?s birth day. She?s been […]

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Saving money can be a good feeling

In addition to vibrant colors, delicate patterns and fresh silhouettes, a new trend this spring is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple?and not just for fashion gurus. And all this little-black-dress trend costs is the practice of frugality. The media call it many names?thrift, penny pinching, economizing?but the goal is the same: saving money. I have enjoyed all the money-saving tips […]

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Women’s minds: Unwanted pop-ups

Reading books is not a love my husband and I share. However, a couple years ago he agreed to read a set of books that had piqued my curiosity. I came across the books while cataloguing for the Tabor College library, and decided they would be an interesting, if not enlightening, read.

In this particular case, I judged the books by their inviting covers and intriguing titles: ?For Men Only? and ?For Women Only,? written by a husband/wife duo of Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn.

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Finding ‘me time’ benefits everyone

I?ve always been a sucker for the TV sitcom.

As a kid, I would take a bath early on Friday night, get in my jammies and settle in for ABC?s TGIF?a full lineup of kid-friendly sitcoms including ?Step-By-Step,? ?Full House? and ?Family Matters.? My sister and I would sit in our bean bags and laugh at yet another escapade resulting in Steve Urkel?s nasally ?Did I do that??

In college, I remember studying the rhetoric of popular shows and realizing the humor of a sitcom often comes from exaggerated, negative stereotypes stemming from gender, race or relationships.

Because I was engaged and married while still in school, I took a personal interest in dissecting sitcom relationships?particularly that of Debra and Ray Barone from the sitcom ?Everybody Loves Raymond.?

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