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Horizons- Poverty exists here too, not just L.A.

This summer, as well last spring and the past two summers, I?ve had the incredible opportunity to work with the homeless during week-long trips to Los Angeles.

I realized that each person on the streets has a story, a time before he or she was homeless, and an individual reason for being so.

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Horizons-At last, freedom from schoolwork

So I?m pretty excited right now. I?m having a tough time sitting still as I?m writing this because I want so badly to be watching ?Scrubs? (my favorite TV show ever), or fishing, or watching ?The Little Mermaid,? or playing Nertz (a really wild card game), or sleeping, or coloring in my ?Finding Nemo? coloring book or anything that has nothing to do with writing (and therefore school).

Could this be evidence of ADD, or am I just excited about school being out?

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