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Do people want an honest answer?

?How?s the big Chicago treatin? ya?? ?How was that first semester for ya?? Ah, the small town grocery store questions. Working at Vogt?s has led me to become a pro at executing polite, amusing and appropriately small small talk. But when people ask me questions like this (which is about every three minutes), I feel torn on how to answer. […]

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Procrastination is a holiday activity

It?s that time of year again. Students are decorating their rooms with colorful lights, paper Christmas trees and tinsel. They are going downtown multiple times per week to participate in holiday-esque activities?absorbing the atmosphere, ice skating, buying Chicago coffee mugs for grandmothers. Christmas music can be heard from the street, blaring from every floor of the dorms. Everyone is running […]

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Pressure of deadlines prompts some rambling thoughts about college life

Right now, it?s 2:32 on Monday afternoon. This column is due in an hour and a half, and I?m still not sure what I want to write about. Respon?sible, right? I try. Yes, I?ve been swamped with projects and presentations. Yes, I?ve written about seven papers this week and still have four to go?that last bit is not an exaggeration. […]

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Being away from home isn?t always what it?s cracked up to be

I realize that probably every Hills?boro High School student has, at some point, thought this exact thing: ?I just want to get out of this place.? I have definitely been included in that group. My desire to ?escape? Hillsboro was one of the main reasons I chose to attend North Park. Now that I?m here, though, I realize being away […]

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Flu fight at college has been a battle

It might be a good idea to start this column off with a roommate update: Kendra and I are currently obsessed with re-living the days of our youth through music. Examples: We spend hours on YouTube searching ?songs from Oliver and Company? and ?the Pepper Ann theme song.? (She?s much too cool for seventh grade). We also have an iTunes […]

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Nothing like a compatible roommate

?She?s the Man?? That?s seriously your favorite movie? Wow, that?s not lame at all?I think I watched that movie at an all-girls birthday party when my friend turned 15.? The moment these belittling, sarcastic words came out of the mouth of my gorgeous roommate, I knew it was the beginning of something beautiful. Anyone who can insult me right off […]

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The dream is close to coming true

Wow. It?s weird to think that in 18 days I?m going to be driving up to Chicago for school. Just 18 sleeps. I feel like my summer has been flying by?so much to take care of college-wise, trying to get lots of work hours, wanting to hang out as much as I can before I take off?and my mind is […]

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The end of high school is truly near

In 15 calendar days, 11 school days, or after 72 more hours of class, I will be done with high school. Forever. Hooray! It seems I?ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately. It?s just weird to think that I?m almost a high school graduate. My friends and I have talked about it so much, but always in a future […]

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As the end nears, life looks different

I?m there. Halfway through my last year of high school.

Everyone is telling me that everything goes especially fast from this point on, and I really can?t decide how I feel about that. Part of me just wants to be done with high school already, but there?s this other part that is so scared to move on, leave things and people behind, and start over.

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Senioritis a debilitating affliction

I?ve been trying to put this column together for five days now and still have no idea what I?m going to write about. Somehow, every time I sit at the computer to start brainstorming I end up on Facebook, looking for new music or shopping for things I?ll never have the money to buy.

Finally, after wasting a disgusting amount of time and reaching a productivity level of ZERO, I?ve realized I just need to make myself sit down and write. I?m not going to let myself do anything else until this is finished. I don?t even have Facebook open!

That?s actually untrue. Wait…. OK, NOW it?s not open.

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