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Final Four isn’t the final word, right?

As I compose this column Saturday, the Final Four basketball extravaganza has yet to begin. The front page of the Wichita Eagle carries this announcement: ?To bring you results from tonight?s Kansas-North Carolina game, delivery of some Sunday newspapers may be delayed.?

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New candidate proclaims platform

It?s official: I?m once again declaring myself a write-in candidate for president of the United States. No, I?m not planning to campaign at all on the Republican or Democratic platform. I am an Independent in the truest sense of the word.

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Biggest loser could be biggest winner

I am intrigued by the large number of Hillsboro residents who have signed up to compete in our very own Biggest Loser contest. My understanding is more than 175 participants have weighed in.

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A new year spurs new observations

The dawn of a new year is a natural time to think about what has
been in 2007 and what might be in 2008. Here are a few examples that
come to mind.

I didn?t like the advertising theme that followed Christmas this
year, the ?Get what you really wanted? campaign. The idea was that the
things we received from friends and loved ones were not adequate. That
just goes to show that Madison Avenue will never figure out the true
meaning of Christmas.

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Our choices still have consequences

I haven?t heard much about Madeline Hunter lately. Her seven steps for preparing school lesson plans were all the rage when I started teaching back in the 1990s.

In fact, I attended a packed conference at the Hutchinson Sports Arena where the queen herself held court. Her message was that teachers make a series of decisions about how they will present each lesson. Those choices determine how well the instructor reaches all his or her students.

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If you fear it, there’s a word for it

If you have some time to kill and want to kill it in the most unproductive way possible, take a trip to There you will find a huge assortment of things to be afraid of.

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A reminder

It bears repeating, for your sake and ours, why we launched the Free Press in 1998. National Newspaper Week, Oct. 7-13, seems to be an appropriate time to do it.

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Have we come to expect public lies?

We expect Fidel Castro to lie to us. We assume Osama Bin Ladin is telling lies when he makes one of his infamous videotapes. But, are our fellow Americans feeding us fabrications on a regular basis?

Probably. Do we care? Probably not. And, that?s the sad part. We are beginning to expect a lack of truth in all segments of society, from sports to school, from the president to the preacher.

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Taking a chance on a trip to France

?The world is a great book. Those who do not travel far from home read only the first page.? This quote presented by Brother Ron Luksic set the stage for a whirlwind weekend workshop I attended over Labor Day in Paris.

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An odd fit between traditional labels

I was filling out an on-line survey a month or two ago, and one of the questions concerned where I would place myself on a political scale. The range spanned ?very conservative? to ?very liberal.? I recognized it to be a good question. I wasn?t sure exactly how to answer.

I realize many readers of the Free Press probably consider my views to be on the liberal side. I seldom agree with what so-called conservative Republicans are doing when it comes to the government.

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