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Coping just fine with my chicken addiction

By the time this hits your mailbox, I?ll have my new babies. Yes, I?m talking about new chickens. Remember how I said I was the Crazy Chicken Lady? You have no idea. Yet. I want to go on record as saying that my chicken addiction is my mother?s fault. She started sharing Backyard Poultry magazine with me, even though she […]

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Great escape made us late for important date

I think my daughter is just about the sweetest thing in creation. When I was whooping and hollering and doing the happy dance around the house after finding out that I get to write this column, she said ?Mommy, what?s wrong?? ?I?m going to get published in the paper!? I hollered. (Of course, I?m leaving out many more exclamation points.) […]

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Life on this farm is always an adventure

Hello, everyone! I?m the Fearless Farm Frau (aka the Crazy Chicken Lady), and I?m pleased to meet you. I?d shake your hand, but since I?m not in your kitchen, you?ll have to shake the paper and call it good. Please allow me to introduce myself (and yes please, I?d like a virtual cup of coffee. Thank you). My husband and […]

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