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Challenging times

Our farmers facing more uncertainty than usual as they consider their response to the Easter wheat freeze.

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Remember Planet Earth

Being good Earth-keepers is neither ?wacko? nor liberal; it?s a conservative cause in the best sense of the word. Sunday has been designated as International Earth Day. We?re encouraged on that day to give special consideration to what kind of stewards we are of the soil, water and air that are the basic ingredients of life on Planet Earth. Earth […]

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Assessment time

Wit this issue we begin a series of articles about the components of USD 410?s $6.625 million capital-improvement project. The issue will be put to a vote in a bond election on Tuesday, June 5. In addition to local newspaper coverage, board members will be making public presentations about these improvements and the related financial obligations. As soon as dates […]

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Deserved Recognition

The community of Hillsboro not only enjoys some of the best water in the entire state, thanks to the recent $3.5 million upgrades made thies past year at the local water-treatment plant, but now it officially has the state?s best water-treatment plant operator running the show. Morgan Marler recently was named Water Plant Supervisor of the Year by the Kansas […]

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Make an impact

Americans often wonder whether their vote really makes a difference. Whether it has the impact we?d like isn?t as important as fulfilling our duty to participate in the democratic process. If you don?t vote for public officials, you haven?t earned the right to criticize them either. Having said that, in no other arena will a vote make more impact than […]

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Weather or not

Spring storms bring the potential for deliverance from drought but also the prospect of devastation.

As we write this, weather forecasters are promising us the probability of rain for almost every day this week, with some severe storms possible. Folks with any grasp of our local agricultural conditions will be praying that the prospect of significant rain comes to fruition. Our producers need it desperately. Though surface moisture has improved from a few of months ago, subsoil moisture is still seriously lagging.

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Coming together

We overemphasize its importance at times, but athletics can put an entire community on the same team.

It’s good to ask ourselves once in a while if we attach too much importance on athletic competition, particularly at the high school level. The answer is probably yes—at least some of us do. At the same time, to witness the positive impact athletic competition and school pride can have on an entire community is to see that the issue is more complex than the critics might suggest.

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