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City sells lot in Hillsboro Heights


The Hillsboro City Council approved the sale of a lot in Hillsboro Heights at its Dec. 15 meeting to Scully Partners, L.P.

The sale paves the way for Doug Sharp to move his business, Midlands Farm Services Inc., which manages Scully leases in Marion County, from Marion to Hillsboro.

The Hillsboro Heights location?Lot 7, Block 4?is right on the curve along Orchard Drive as it turns north as Elm Street. The selling price was $7,000.

?Mr. Sharp has been working with both representatives from Marion and Hillsboro in the selection of a site for his new building,? City Administrator Larry Paine said in his introduction to the recommendation.

?The selection of Hillsboro is also advantageous to Scully since a significant number of their properties lie in the USD 410 school district compared to the Marion school district.?

The business of managing Scully leases has been located in Marion for some 130 years.

Paine called the relocation ?a good addition to Hillsboro Heights.? He noted that the office attracts a lot of ?farmer traffic? that could increase patronage of surrounding businesses when they visit the office.

Humble beast honored in Christmas lore


The Christmas season boasts no shortage of holiday folklore. Whether it?s hanging mistletoe in doorways for good luck, the meaning behind candy canes or the miracle of the poinsettia, American culture has as many stories to tell as Santa has deliveries to make.

Even donkeys have a special secret, and for a Hillsboro man who owns four of them, at least two legends exist.

?My theory is God created the donkey with a prophetic sign of what was to happen to Jesus,? said John Wiebe, who lives at 115 S. Date.

Wiebe said he found a book that substantiates his theory about donkeys, including a legend about why donkeys bear a crucifix on their backs.


Loan fund latest step for Hillsboro business growth


Starting the first of the year, entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business in Hillsboro will have an additional source of low-interest funds to consider.

Through the initiative of Hillsboro Development Corp. and its subsidiary, Hillsboro Ventures Inc., a revolving loan fund, totaling about $150,000 so far, has been developed through the Kansas Center for Entrepre?neurship and the NetWork Kansas E-Community program.