Women open two businesses in Marion

The businesses are The Hair Corner, operated by Betty Stenzel, and Down on the Corner, operated by Karen Ehrlich.

Both women are lifetime residents of Marion County.

Stenzel has worked for other beauticians in Marion, and will use her skills to cut hair for both women and men at her new shop.

Ehrlich’s gift shop will feature home-made items such as figurines, crochet, hand-crafted items for babies and quilted items. She guaranteed that the gift items will each be “one of a kind” that won’t be found elsewhere.

Ehrlich will retain her job as an engineering technician for the Kansas Department of Transportation in Marion.

Stenzel will help fill in for Ehrlich when she isn’t at her business.

Ehrlich said the businesses will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, “or when we are there.”

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