Statute outlines duties for county clerks

The following is a breakdown of the fees paid to county treasurers according to Kansas Statute 8.185, as well as other components of the statute.

All registration and certificates of title fees by this statute are paid to the county treasurer of the county in which the applicant for registration resides or has an office or principal place of business within this state.

The county treasurer will be responsible for issuing a receipt in triplicate, on blanks furnished by the division of vehicles with one copy filed in the county treasurer’s office, one copy delivered to the applicant and the original copy forwarded to the director of vehicles.

Fees kept by treasurer

The county treasurer shall deposit 75 cents of each license application, 75 cents out of each application for transfer of license plate and $2 from each application for a certificate of title.

The money will go into a special fund, appropriated for the use of the county treasurer in paying for necessary help and expenses incidental to the administration of duties in accordance with the statute.

Extra compensation will be made to the county treasurer for the services performed in administering the provisions of the statute. This compensation is in addition to any other compensation provided by any other law, except that the county treasurer shall receive as additional compensation for administering the motor vehicle title and registration laws and fees.

Calculating extra pay

The following is the sum computed for the county treasurer, during the month of December for determining the amount to be retained for extra compensation not to exceed the following amounts.

The sum of $110 per hundred registrations for the first 5,000 registrations; the sum of $90 per hundred registrations for the second 5,000 registrations; the sum of $5 per hundred for the third 5,000 registrations; and the sum of $2 per for over 15,000.

In no event, however, shall any county treasurer be entitled to receive more than $15,000 additional annual compensation.

Actual compensation

In Marion County, the treasurer’s personal compensation in 2010 was based on 17,379 registrations, which came to $10,297.58 or $858 per month.

According to information about Sedgwick County’s treasurer, who supervises more than 80 employees, the personal compensation is $15,000, which is the maximum allowable under statute.

In Saline County, the treasurer’s personal compensation from the vehicle registration fees is over $11,000.

The total amount of compensation paid the treasurer, together with the amounts expended in paying for other necessary help and expenses cannot exceed the amount deposited in the special fund.

Any balance remaining in at the close of any calendar year will be withdrawn and credited to the general fund of the county prior to June 1 of the following calendar year.

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