Ratings off the mark for mental health home, official says

The new five-star rating system released earlier this month by the Centers for Medicare and Medi?caid Services paints a misleading picture of most long-term-care facilities that specialize in mental-health clients.

That?s the frustration of Bonita Robertson-Boydston, administrator of Westview Manor of Peabody, which received a two-star, or ?below average,? rating from CMS.

?The ratings don?t give an accurate picture of what our facility is like because our criteria is different as far as how many staff members we have to have per patient,? Robertson-Boydston said last week in response to an article that appeared in last week?s Free Press.

?For our staff, we only got one star because we?re not required to have as many staff here because we don?t have to lift every person, bathe every person, dress every person, and comb their hair because our people are between 40 to 60 years old and they are independent.

?So that brought our score way down,? she added. ?But if you look at our quality measures, we got five stars, which shows our care is excellent.?

The four nursing homes in Marion County that specialize in the more traditional senior population each received a four-star or five-star rating by the CMS system.

?We?re not graded fairly with this new rating system,? Robertson-Boydston said. ?But if you look at the other nursing facilities for mental health in the state of Kansas, most all of us got two stars.?

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