Preventive oil changes are cost effective

With winter on the horizon, now is is the time to give your car the attention it deserves.

Relying on the innovation and quality of the right products means consumers can feel safe in the preventative maintenance they provide for their vehicle. The first place to start is under the hood, making sure your vehicle?s engine is ready for the all-important upcoming travel season.

The solution ? provide your vehicle a well-deserved oil change that will help prevent performance blues.

?It?s important that consumers understand the importance of regular service to the engine of their vehicle,? said Fran Lockwood, senior vice president of technology for Valvoline. ?Motor oil and engine detergents are the ?lifeblood? of your vehicle. By changing their vehicle?s motor oil regularly, consumers are protecting a critical element of their engine?s performance and investing in the longevity of the vehicle life.?

Valvoline offers premium products that makes engine care easy and economical for the do-it-yourselfer and ?real car guy? who understands the importance of a healthy engine. Today?s premium motor oils provide superior performance enhancements, cost savings and longer engine life, with a complete line of conventional, synthetic products specifically designed to extend engine life. In fact, more ASE-certified Master Automobile Technicians choose Valvoline for use in their own cars and trucks than any other brand.

The 2006 Valvoline/ASE Poll of the American Mechanic underscored recent Car Care Council findings that Americans are pushing the envelope on basic maintenance. The survey revealed that the vast majority of mechanics ? 87 percent ? said they believe American car owners are putting off routine maintenance, mostly for cost reasons.

Ironically, ASE-certified Master Automobile Technicians overwhelming said ? at 97 percent ? that delayed care will cost an owner much more in the long run, as problems left unattended can multiply and lead to other issues.

?Car owners can be passionate about their pride and joy,? added Lockwood. ?They often have a special attachment to their car or truck and don?t want to buy a new model; they want to keep their favorite car running as long as possible. Changing your oil is the perfect place in taking care of such an investment.?

Whether it?s your favorite old-school classic, high-performance street rod or daily commute vehicle, treating your engine with the right motor oil and engine detergent helps consumers keep and drive their vehicles longer. Change of season equals a change of oil. Changing your car?s oil and filter every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, will ensure that your car operates at peak efficiency.

Proper maintenance doesn?t start and stop just at an oil change. For those DIYers who want to start getting to know their engine compartment better, check hoses and belts for any visible cracks so you can advise your mechanic that they need replacing. When you take the car in for its tune-up and/or fluid changes, ask the mechanic to check the major systems, such as the brakes, transmission, and suspension. Chances are a competent service pro will come up with a recommendation on work that needs to be done as well as a timeline within which you can function safely.

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