Prairie View launches program to provide comprehensive evaluation for older adults

Older adults tend to have complex medical and psychiatricissues often woven together, according to Mary Carman, vice president of Prairie View’s outpatient services.

Prairie View now offers a new program to provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment for older adults that integrates both psychiatric and physical assessments.

The Comprehensive Diagnostic & Treatment Center for Older Adults was created to address the needs of older adults and their families who may experience frustration at trying to find a diagnosis or understand what is happening to them both mentally and physically.

Upon entering the center, patients will undergo a series of evaluations that typically include a complete physical evaluation, a complete psychiatric evaluation, psychological and neuropsychological testing and a psychosocial assessment.

Consultations by a neurologist, physical therapist and occupational therapist will also occur when indicated. An MRI, CT scan and lab work will also be included if needed.

After diagnosis and assessment of the underlying problems, an individual treatment plan is developed. This may include medications, individual therapy, group therapy and family consultation, as well as recreational therapy on Prairie View’s adventure course or expressive therapies with a master’s level art therapist.

“When admitted to the Center, patients can expect a calm, caring staff experienced in working with the older adult population,” Carman SAID.

The evaluation and treatment team consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, an internal medicine physician, and nurses.

“Most other programs for outpatients are piecemeal and can take months to complete,” Carman SAID. “Prairie View’s center will allow for a more rapid assessment and for treatment if the person and/or family desire.”

Patients’ length of stay at the center will vary depending on needs, but an average would be several days to several weeks if treatment is at Prairie View.

For more information, call Prairie View toll-free Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 1-800-992-6292 or visit

In addition to the main campus, including outpatient offices and a psychiatric hospital in Newton, Prairie View has outpatient locations in Hillsboro, Hutchinson, McPherson and Wichita.

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