Post-election growth occurs at Marion Mfg.

The presidential election is over, and life is already beginning to improve economically for Marion Manufacturing, according to its president, David Richmond.

Richmond said presidential elections?particularly when both candidates are new to the office with relatively unknown policies?always mean a downturn in prospects for the company until election results are known.

The tradition held true this year. But despite all of the other unusual economic factors, Richmond said business is beginning to return to normal.

The company, located at 201 S. Coble in Marion, was forced to lay off seven employees last month ?due to lack of demand,? Richmond said.

But the first of those employees was called back to work Monday, Nov. 10, and two more were expected back by the end of that week, he said.

Richmond said this is part of the normal routine of the company, and none of the workers were expected to be gone permanently. Marion Manufacturing normally employs 30 persons, he said.

Marion Manufacturing fabricates roll-form equipment for making steel buildings.

Whether construction is intended for business buildings or residential buildings, Richmond said, ?the economy doesn?t know what to do until the election is over.?

He said the slow times are mostly good for ?everyone getting paperwork done.?