New chiropractor pursues health for the long run


Kodi Panzer adjusts her treatment equipment in preparation for her next patient.

If you see a slender young woman you don?t know joining other joggers and walkers on the streets of Hillsboro, you might be watching Kodi Panzer.

The 27-year-old new chiropractor in town is training for the 26.2-mile marathon this Sunday in Las Vegas, Nev.

Even though she?s done a lot of running to prepare for the event, Panzer isn?t entering the race without some trepidation.

She is prone to blood clots. Last year she developed one in the lung, ?and I almost died,? she said.

Panzer takes her medication in response to the situation, but her commitment to running is evidence of the determination she applies to a business that has the goal of keeping local people healthy.

Panzer now operates Panzer Chiropractic, formerly known as Scharenberg Chiropratic Offices, at 122 S. Main in Hillsboro. She and husband Jarrod, 29, acquired the business last month. He maintains the chiropratic office they own in Halstead.

Kodi Panzer has practiced chiropractic for the past two years at Valley Center. She and Jarrod met at, and both graduated from, Palmer Chiropractic in Daven?port, Iowa.

Panzer grew up as a farm girl from Clyde, and Jarrod came from Lewis. Her brother, Justin, is interested in following her path in a healing occupation, but as a medical doctor, she said.

Panzer said because she and Justin are both from small Kansas communities, the couple had been searching for an opportunity to purchase a clinic in a small community.

?This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be involved with a small, yet progressive and growing community,? she said.

?Once we came to visit, we knew Hillsboro was the perfect place for us. This town has a lot going for it. I can?t wait to get involved and meet as many people as possible.

?The aesthetics and layout of the town definitely drew us in. I love it when you?re in a place where people will wave at you.?

Given her own athletic involvement, Panzer said she especially likes working with athletic injuries.

?Using low-level cold laser therapy, like with a sprained ankle, can keep ligaments from being displaced so recovery is quick,? she said.

?I also will specialize in neck pain, back pain, disc conditions, pediatrics and chronic joint pain.?

Services at Panzer Chiroprac?tic include spinal adjustments, extremity treatment, spinal decompression, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy, drug testing, school physicals, X-ray services, physical exams, blood testing, orthotics and consultation.

Panzer is offering coupons for diathermy, which can be used to apply heat to sinuses or the chest area for quick recovery from colds and congestion.

Her office workers include Andrea Marquez from Goessel and Val Goebel from Marion.

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