Law school grad joins Brookens in law practice

Josh Boehm believes he has found what he’s been looking for by accepting an invitation to join the Brookens Law Office in Marion and Hillsboro.

A spring graduate of Wash­burn Law School, the Wiscon­sin native has felt at home in Marion County since starting his new position June 6.

“Basically, I wanted to be in a small general-practice firm,” Boehm said. “And I wanted to be in a small or medium-sized town because I just felt it would be a better place for us to live.”

It doesn’t hurt that Marion County is home to two recreational lakes and above-average natural scenery.

“One of the things I really like about this area, coming from Wisconsin, there’s not a lot of areas in Kansas with this much water, and even the tree and hills,” he said.

Boehm was raised in Rhinelander, a city of about 7,700 people situated in north-central Wisconsin.

After graduating from high school in Menomonie in 2002, Boehm went to Viterbo Univer­sity in La Crosse, where he played soccer and earned a degree in marketing in 2006.

After college, he worked for a year at a couple of Menard’s stores in front-end management and customer service, then spent two years working for the Boy Scouts as a district executive.

Boehm said he had considered studying law as a college undergrad, but changed his mind. At this point in his life, he felt the timing was right to pursue a law degree.

“I applied to a lot of different schools, but basically chose to come to Washburn because it was still Midwest,” he said. “I?didn’t want to be too far from home or face too much of a culture shock—but it wasn’t right in the back yard, either.”

During his first year at Washburn, he met and eventually married Courtney, a fellow law student from Leavenworth. He also started working as a law clerk for a local firm “trying to learn to do different things.”

Boehm earned his juris doctorate degree in 21?2 years instead of the usual three.

He met Bob Brookens when he responded to an advertisement placed at the university after Brookens’ longtime partner, Keith Collett, was appointed a district magistrate judge in Dickinson County in early May.

“We were able to sit down and talk for a couple of hours while he was up there with the Legislature,” Boehm said of the first encounter. “It worked out pretty nicely. I got along with him well.”

The feeling was mutual.

“I had the opportunity to interview two other students who were graduating, but after talking to Josh first, and then he and Courtney together, I thought I couldn’t ask for any more. I just closed the door.

“Josh will be a very good fit,” Brookens added. “He seems to have a grasp on everything that I’ve thrown at him so far.”

Boehm said his first task has been to get used to the working environment at the office.

“They have a system going here and have done things this way for a long time,” he said. “For me, it’s getting used to how they do it—finding out where things are and trying not to disrupt any efficiencies they have created. That’s the big thing.”

Once he’s settled in, Boehm said he and Courtney will be eager to get to know their new community.

“I enjoy meeting and getting to know people in town—both Hillsboro and Marion,” he said. “I just hope to get involved with stuff as we get settled and moved in. Courtney and I are both pretty social and active people.

“Hopefully, with a little bit of time here as we get squared around, we’ll be able to participate in things.”

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