Hillsboro OKs contracts for city sewer improvements

The Hillsboro City Council approved two contracts at its June 28 special meeting that will lead to sanitary-sewer improvements starting later this month.

The council accepted a low bid of $379,719 from Wildcat Construction of Wichita to rehabilitate pumping stations located at or near Zion Cemetery, Hills?boro Industrial Park, Willow Road and Carriage Hills, as well as the city?s primary pumping station.

The second low-bid contract was awarded to Reynolds Inliner of Kiowa, Colo., for sewer-line rehabilitation on the west side of town at a cost of $523,650. The project involves laying cured-in-place-pipe within existing sewer lines as well as some manhole rehabilitation.

The $903,369 total needed for the two projects will come from two sources: $323,145 from the city?s sewer capital improvement fund, and the rest from a $750,000 authorization through the Rural Develop?ment Admini?stration.

The $169,776 left over once the two projects are completed will be used for additional sewer-line rehabilitation, inspection and engineering, according to Larry Paine, city administrator.

Jim Kohman, project engineer with Evans, Bierly, Hutchi?son and Associates, said he expects work to begin by July 15. The project should be completed by the end of October.

Six competitive bids were received for the pump-station project and three for sewer-line rehabilitation.

?We?re getting the most bang for the buck with what we?re doing,? Kohman said.

RDA will need to approve the two contracts before the project can move forward.

Lingering question

Kohman also addressed a lingering question the council has raised occasionally about the odor-control strategy for the sewer lagoon project completed last year.

In previous council discussions, some members said they recalled hearing about plans to use an aerator in the initial pond as a way to increase oxygen levels that encourage growth of odor-eating bacteria.

Kohman said a facultative lagoon system, which the city approved, uses a mixer, not an aerator.

An aerator would stir all three levels of water, he said, including the lowest level of anaerobic sludge. But a mixer, which is a solar-powered device, mixes only the two higher-oxygen water levels.

?You don?t want a lot of mixing to get the anaerobic level off the bottom,? Kohman said. ?That?s what stinks.?

Street projects

Darrin Neufeld, the EBH engineer for the city?s street projects, said he expects plans for the overhaul of Adams and First streets to be finished in time to solicit bids in three to four weeks. The project also includes one block of A Street between Main and Washington.

Neufeld told the council he believes the cost of using concrete ?will be competitive? with asphalt for those projects. Concrete streets traditionally cost more than asphalt, but require significantly less maintenance over time.

Neufeld also alerted the council that the city will need to ensure it will have easement access along the former railroad right-of-way that cuts across Adams to maintain the rainfall drainage upgrade that is being planned for that area.

?Drainage is becoming a huge part of this project,? he said.

Neufeld said it?s his understanding that the railroad property eventually will be deeded to adjacent property owners, and the city could lose access if easements aren?t assured.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? approved Ordinance 1210, which will rescind the ordinance passed March 15 to allow the sale of alcoholic and cereal malt beverages on Sun?days in Hillsboro.

Ordinance 1210 states that because a local petition opposing Sunday sales carried sufficient signatures to call for a city-wide special election on the issue, the city council ?determined it to be in the best interest of the community to rescind the ordinance and not conduct an election.?

Ordinance 1210 will become effective upon publication.

? authorized the sale of 250 to 277 bushels of wheat harvested last month on city-owned property adjacent to Hillsboro Heights.

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