Hillsboro hears proposal for business

The Hillsboro City Council met on Tuesday. Mayor Lou Thurston was not in attendance.

Larry and Joyce Smith own storage facilities in Salina, Lindsborg and McPherson. They made an offer to purchase part of lot 2, and all of lot 3 (both located to the East of the old Dollar General building) in the Hillsboro Heights area in order to build storage units. They are also asking to make purchase options on lots 4 and 5.

City Administrator Larry Paine explained that the current zoning code does not permit storage units although there are already existing storage units in the subdivision by Rod’s Tires. Those storage units were approved under the old zoning code that did allow storage units.

“The condition on the sale would be based on the planning commission hearing the case and then turning around and recommending an answer back to the council. It will be a conditional sale at this point,” said Paine.

The council voted in favor of the sale on all lots contingent on a text amendment approved by the planning commission and the city council.

In other news the council,

◼ approved a $500 contribution to each of the 27 city employees flex plans.

◼ approved previous meeting minutes

◼ approved two invoices for legal fees of $5,391.39 for Klenda Austerman, LLC for the hospital lawsuit.

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