Hillsboro dental practice has new owners

The staff at Sunflower Smiles, the recently acquired dental office from Loren Loewen, includes: front row (from left) Varsha Jhawer, dentist; Kim Nguyen, RDH-hygienist; Mikki Larson, RDH-hygienist; Gail Dyck, dental assistant; Becky Huslig, wife of Dr. Huslig. Back row: Dhaval Parikh, cardiologist at Kansas Heart Hospital and husband of Dr. Jhawer; Clara Loewen, dental assistant; Loren Loewen, dentist; and Aaron Huslig, dentist.The Hillsboro dental practice known as Mini Dental Implant Centers of America, owned and operated by Loren Loewen, has new owner-dentists and soon a new name following the sale of the practice to a pair of Andover-based dentists, effective Aug. 31.

Aaron Huslig and Varsha Jhawer, partners in the Flint Hills Dentistry Group in Andover, will be bringing their expertise and services to Hillsboro by acquiring the clinic that has been operated by two generations of Loewen dentists.

“They’re great dentists and really good-quality people, which makes me really excited,” Loren Loewen said about the transition. “I’ve been looking to find someone to help me out over the years, and I’ve never had any prospects.

“These two are really good,” he added. “They’ve both been in practice for 20-plus years, and their title for the office is going to be Sunflower Smiles.”

Once the transition is firmly in place, Loewen will focus on his practice in the Wichita area.

The new owners said they like what they’ve seen so far.

“This is a beautiful community,” Jhawer said. “We’ve known Loren for some time. We came and explored the place, looked around and saw there was a need to add more (office) days, and that’s what we decided to do.”

Huslig added, “I think the more we got to know Dr. Loewen, the more we realized we had the same practice philosophy. I think that made the decision to start working up here.

“I think he’s very conscientious about the quality of work that he provides for his patients,” Huslig said about Loewen’s approach. “He seems to really respect his staff, and I think that’s important for us as well. He loves this community.”

Careers paths merge

Jhawer and Huslig have worked as partners in the same practice for eight years. Both earned an initial degree in the field in 1994.

A native of India, Jhawer earned her bachelor of dental surgery degree from Gujarat University Dental College. Following graduation, she completed her internship at Government Dental Hospital and worked in underserved hospitals.

When she moved to the U.S., Jhawer continued her education at New York Uni­versity’s College of Dentis­try, earning her doctorate of dental surgery in 1999. After graduation and residency, she has been in private practice serving communities in New Hampshire and the greater Wichita area.

Huslig, a Kansas native, earned his undergraduate degree from Wichita State University. He graduated with a doctorate of dental surgery from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, and has been in private practice in the Andover-Wichita area.

“We’re both general practitioners,” Huslig said. “I don’t know a better dentist when it comes to dentures than Dr. Jhower. I think I’ve been practicing longer than she has, but I’ve learned a lot from her in that respect.”

Jhawer described Huslig as “an amazing guy” with the implants he does, and lots of crown and bridge work and orthodontics.

Smooth transition

Loewen said he will continue to spend time in the Hillsboro clinic to help facilitate the transition.

“The length of that period is a little bit obscure, but I’m not going to just leave town because we want it to be a smooth transition,” he said. “I want to be able to introduce a lot of people to them and help them out a little bit. I’ll keep working for a while.

“The advantages for Hills­boro will be that I was a one-man show, and (the new owners) are going to be open a lot more hours,” he added. “Their goal is to be open four days a week.”

Plans are that Sunflower Smiles will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. as before.

Tentatively, Huslig will be in the Hillsboro office on Mondays and Jhawer on Tuesdays, Wednes­days and Thursdays. Loewen will be in the office on Thursdays, “until they get tired of me.”

Huslig said because of the expanded hours, the practice plans to hire more staff. The office will be Delta Dental Premier and Blue Cross Blue Shield providers.

“Our hope is that we can grow in this community and be able to bring in more patients and do good dentistry,” Jhawer said.

Loewen said, “It’s a good thing for Hillsboro because it gives them a lot more opportunity. A lot of people have gone out of town, so I’m hoping they can draw some people back and keep the business more in town.”

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