Hillsboro council adds small sewer project near Date Street

The Hillsboro City Council approved a small sewer project and a new lawn mower deck during a brief meeting May 21.

The sewer project will have Layne Inliner, a Colorado-based company, clean about 380 feet of clogging cast-iron pipe, then install cured-in-place pipe inside of it at a cost of $11,120.

City Administrator Larry Paine said the problem was discovered during the street-improvement project along Date, Cedar and Birch streets.

Paine said the buildup of sediment inside the old pipe made the flow space so small workers couldn?t even pass a small camera through it to inspect the problem.

The pipe section is located near the intersection of D Street and Date, but the effort to fix it will not interfere with street construction because there is no need to excavate the Date Street pipe, according to Paine.

Layne Inliner will first clean the clogging pipe ?Roto-Rooter? style, then install the CIPP.

Paine explained that when D Street served as U.S. Highway 56, the state required the use of cast pipe under the highway to avoid the possibility of clay or concrete pipe failure, which would required the highway to be dug up in order to make repairs.

Meanwhile, the authorization to purchase the lawnmower deck for the golf course and Sports Complex mower was cast as an opportunity to save city money in the future.

Gary Andrews, golf course superintendent, was tipped off by his lawn mower supplier that a deck for a Hustler Range Wing 4600 mower, which usually sells for $20,000, was now available for $7,500.

?This particular mower is no longer in production, and having the decks would give another 10 years of service (for the current mower),? Paine said. ?Gary says the range wing mower would sell for about $60,000 if it were still in production.?

Paine added that model that is replacing the city?s current mower is able to cut only 8-foot swaths, while the current mowing width is 12 feet, 6 inches.

?This expenditure will put off replacing the mower for a long time,? Paine said. ?Gary says the decks are the worst part of this (current) mowers condition. The tractor and engine are in good shape, which makes this a good investment.?

As part of the motion to make the purchase, Councilor Bob Watson asked that Paine negotiate with the Hillsboro Gold Course Association for a possible contribution to the purchase.

The mower would be used both at the golf course and at the Sports Complex.

In other business, the council:

? was asked by Paine to consider possible priorities for capital-improvement projects as work begins to prepare the 2014 budget.

Council members had compiled a list of possible projects a year ago, but Paine said they may want to revise the list for the coming year.

? heard City Clerk Jan Meisinger report the progress made on the auditor?s list of recommendations to make in the city?s financial management. Meisinger said some items from the list will likely appear again, but cited several that have been addressed.

? heard Paine report that he has been informed that the premium for city?s current health plan could increase by 18.5 percent next year. Paine said the increase reflects a rise in rates generally, but also a rate discount the city received a year ago.

? affirmed Paine for completing Level 2 certification in the League of Kansas Municipal?ities? Municipal Leadership Academy. Mayor Delores Dalke called the achievement ?quite an accomplishment.?




















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