Hatcher joins medical staff at St. Luke Physicians Clinic in Marion

HatcherMarion?s newest physician, Paige Hatcher, 31, said she is happy to be back in Kansas and have the opportunity to use the skills she acquired while at a residency program in Oregon.

Born and raised in Haven, Hatcher said she started seeing patients in mid-October at St. Luke Physician Clinic.

?I would really like to see a focus on health in our community,? she said. ?I think a lot of people use medical services when they are sick, but nobody likes to go the doctor.?

Hatcher said she also believes people would be healthier, happier and more productive.

?Our town would be more financially stable and grow if our population was healthy,? she said.

?I think for most people in rural Kansas they do live healthy lifestyles so it?s not much of a stretch to get there.?

?I don?t want people to think I am going to beat them up if they aren?t eating the right thing or doing something,? she said. ?I want to be the kind of person that you can just lay it out on the line and we will take it together one step at a time.?

Specializing in family medicine, Hatcher explained that she was looking for a small community near her family.

?Marion was a good fit,? she said.

Hatcher attended the first two years of medical school at the University of Kansas in Kansas City and then transferred to the Wichita campus.

She graduated from Oregon Health and Science University Family Medicine Residency in 2012 and continued in the department as a preventive medicine resident. Following her residency, Hatcher stayed in Oregon for almost another two years.

During that time, she worked in urgent care at the same clinic where she did her residency.

?I also did policy work, finished a graduate degree in public health and did my master?s and second residency in preventive medicine,? she said.

On her days off, Hatcher said she teaches at the KU medical school in Wichita.

?I teach physicians and other healthcare people how to know if they are doing a good job,? she said.

One way she wants to treat a patient is by looking at the whole person and taking one piece at a time.

?My philosophy is to agree together on what the steps will be and make a plan that is specific and achievable,? she said.

Accountability is a two-way street Hatcher said she will see her patients at the local grocery store and they can see what she puts into her cart.

?I have to lead by example,? she said.

Hatcher said she is an avid gardener, who loves to eat and cook, adding that she doesn?t always cook as well as she should.

She also has a Great Dane and likes to read and knit.

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