Harvest Meadow housing project completes street phase

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Al Vogts (far right) and his crew with Vogts Construction of Newton finish up their paving job Monday afternoon at Goessel?s new Harvest Meadow housing development along Main Street. ?When they?re done doing that, they?ll have a little more dirt work to do to fill in the leveling of the ground,? said developer Duane Unruh. ?Then we need to put utilities in, and then we?re ready to go?we?re just several weeks away from being ready to build.? The 37-lot addition?s first home will go in Lot 2 of the 14 lots platted for the first of three phases. Lots sell for $15,000 apiece and are expected to hold houses in the $150,000 range. Unruh said most of the landscaping will be done in the fall.


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