Golden Heritage receives national award

Sometimes people do notice when you do your job right.

Golden Heritage Foods in Hillsboro was recognized last week for the accurate and efficient way it processes shipment orders with one of its key distribution partners.

Two representatives from Dot Foods, the largest food redistributor in the United States, was in Hillsboro to present its highest service award to the GHF team.

The presentation was made Thursday with GHF team members present. The presentation also was live-streamed to employees at GHF?s sister plant in Ohio.

Eric Peters, business development manager with Dot Foods, said his company does business with some 400 food manufactures across the nation. Only five to 10 companies receive the award each year.

?It?s an award that?s very difficult to win because our criteria is very high,? Peters said. ?When you look at the service levels, most manufacturers will provide a 98 percent service level, meaning when we order 100 cases, they ship 98.

?Golden Heritage Food actually hit 100 percent, and has done it for several years in a row. It?s very impressive and very rare. It?s what we call the ?best of the best? in the industry.?

This is the second time Golden Heritage has been feted by Dot Foods since establishing their business relationship in 2002.

David Mathis, GHF senior vice president for sales and marketing, said providing the kind of service a food redistributor like Dot requires is a team effort at GHF.

?What helps us to be a value to Dot to do the best they can do is that all of our oars have to be in the water at the same time,? Mathis said. ?It?s amazing how easy it is during the course of the day to mis-ship an order. It must be easy because many manufacturers mis-ship a lot and don?t get the quantities right.?

By helping Dot Foods do it?s job well, both companies benefit, Mathis said.

?Dot?s excellence in providing customers the right product in the right quantity at the right time makes us look good,? he said. ?And our providing the kind of service we do makes Dot look good.?

Receiving the award from Dot Foods boosts GHF?s reputation with the customers they mutually serve.

?It?s a door opener,? Mathis said. ?It gets the attention of the buyers we deal with.?

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