FSA acreage reports deadline is Aug. 2


The Direct and Counter-cyclical and Average Crop Revenue Election program (DCP, ACRE) regulations provide that accurate and timely acreage reports must be filed by participating program producers each year through 2012.

This applies to all planted farm cropland and noncropland acres as a condition to receiving DCP, ACRE, CRP, LDP, SURE and CCC loan payments. To participate in these programs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires the certification of acreage amounts.

An Aug. 2 deadline is established to file final acreage reports on farms that plant feed grains such as corn, soybeans and sorghum, and annually harvest hay crops like alfalfa, brome and native grass mixtures.

Producers are expected to identify field boundaries and locations on aerial maps where crops are planted as well as provide actual planting dates.

Acreage reports (certifications) can be accepted from farm operators, owners or persons with authorized power of attorney for either.

Those who have not yet reported should contact the county Farm Service Agency office at 620-382-3714 to schedule an appointment soon. Late filed reports can be accepted after Aug. 2, but mandatory fees must be charged and paid by those filing producers.


Bill Harmon is executive director for the Marion County FSA office.

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