Dodd expresses appreciation for commissioner

Craig Dodd, a candidate for the 1st District county commission seat now held by Roger Fleming of Hills?boro, came to the Marion County Commission meeting Monday to thank Fleming for his years of service, saying, ?God speed, full speed.?

Fleming, who has been serving his first term for the district Hillsboro, decided not to run again earlier this year.

Dodd said Fleming has shown ?tenacity? as a commissioner for taking the time to get complete understanding of issues before voting on them.

?I would have brought you a gold medal if I could have, but I spent all of my money on signs,? Dodd said.

Commissioner Randy Dallke began thanking Dodd for attending commission meetings to gain understanding when he was halted by Commissioner Dan Holub with a reminder that the commissioners aren?t allowed to take political sides.

Fleming, as commission chairman, obliged Dallke by calling a two-minute recess to allow him to continue.

Fleming said he was gratified by the appreciation.

In other business, the commissioners awarded a noxious weed bid of $1,525 for 50 gallons of Pathway herbicide to Agri Producers Inc. of Tampa over competitive bids of $1,915 from Ag Service Inc. at Hillsboro and $1,675 from Markley Service at Marion.

They awarded a noxious weed bid of $3,895.50 for 70 gallons of Tordon 22k herbicide to Markley Service over a competitive bid of $3,990 from Agri Producers.

The commissioners voted 3-0 to sign an agreement with the Kansas Depart?ment of Transportation regarding the construction project that would straighten the curve at 130th and Nighthawk to be completed in 2016.

They voted to approve spending $175 to have Marion County included in a publication put out by the Kansas Association of Counties. The publication will list personnel salaries for counties for the sake of comparison in different areas.

The commissioners said they will continue, after agreeing to blacktop three blocks at Goessel, with allowing county personnel and equipment to blacktop streets within cities provided the cities pay for the materials.

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