County reports unusually high sales tax for month

Marion County commissioners met Friday, Nov. 30, in a $1,666,256 payday session.

County Clerk Carol Maggard reported unusually high sales tax collection for September, collected by the state in October, and paid to the county in Novem­ber, of $61,137 regular sales tax and $54,219 for payment and reserve for jail bond payment.

This brought the total regular sales tax collected for the first 11 months of 2012 to $606,860, not far from the $645,561 reported in all 12 months for 2011.

According to Maggard’s report for the past decade, the first time sales tax collections ever exceeded $600,000 was in 2009 at $600,165.

Following executive sessions with Maggard, the commissioners approved giving all 102 county full-time employees each a $100 Christmas bonus plus granting a 1 percent merit pay raise to all full-time employees effective Dec. 31.

They pointed out that no pay raises were awarded in 2012 because of economic austerity.

The commissioners awarded a road and bridge transport fuel bid of $26,417 for 5,000 gallons of diesel and 3,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline to Coopera­tive Grain & Supply of Hillsboro over a competitive bid of $25,752.50 from Cardie Oil Inc. of Tampa.

Commissioners awarded a road and bridge area fuel bid of $22,523 for 6,550 gallons of diesel to CG&S over a competitive bid of $22,767.70 from Cardie Oil.

Commissioner Randy Dallke was joined by the other commissioners in commending road and bridge workers for rock installation work they performed at the new county jail.

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