County hears tax update

Marion County, as of the end of October, has received $93,080 in sales tax revenues earmarked for building the new county jail.

Marion County Clerk Carol Maggard said Monday at the county commission meeting that the county received $48,102 of this amount from sales taxes collected in August that was disbursed by the state in October.

The remaining $44,977.95 was received for July in September, she said.

Maggard said the county also received $54,168 for August in October for other sales tax collections.

The commissioners discussed holding back funds in county banks not needed for immediate funds to gain interest payments for earlier payoff of jail bond indebtedness.

Maggard gave the payday total at $996.830, which included quarterly payments for such things as mental health programs.

The commissioners approved Parcell?s Forensic Patholgy of Topeka as the county?s provider of autopsies required for legal cases.

They also approved using Capital City Mortuary Services of Topeka as the provider to transport bodies from Marion County to Parcell?s.

The commissioners also approved county road and bridge taking over maintenance of 2.5 miles of hard surface side road north of Lincolnville from the Kansas Department of Trans?portation that was bypassed with new U.S. Highway 56-77 construction.

Joe Palek of the Kansas Department of Ttransportation said former Marion County road and bridge director Gerald Kelsey confirmed the county had taken control of the roadway in 2002, but a written agreement hadn?t been made.

Landowners along the strip of roadway have requested that culverts be cleaned out to allow water to flow through as normal maintenance, said Randy Crawford, current road and bridge director.

The formal acceptance of the roadway by commissioners would enable him to clear the tubes, he said.

Commissioner Randy Dallke noted the hard surface of the old highway segment probably won?t need maintenance for many years.

Transfer station director Rollin Schmidt said a local grain cooperative has been disposing of thousands of pounds of old grain to clean out grain elevators creating a waste disposal transportation problem.

He said the heavy grain creates a transport trailer weight limit when it?s only part full requiring his department to run an extra trailer load to the landfill.

Schmidt said there is nothing in county transfer station rules that allows him to charge an elevator anything extra for its old grain beyond its monthly commercial disposal waste fee for the service.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment won?t allow the county to bury the grain here, he said. It also wouldn?t allow a local patron to use it as wildlife feed.

The commissioners asked Schmidt to develop an extra fee they could approve for the grain disposal service.

The commissiners authorized Schmidt to travel to compare semi trailers for waste disposal from competitive bidders at Stockton and Enid, Okla.

The commissiones awarded a road and bridge area fuel bid of $22,477 for 6,550 gallons of diesel to Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro over a competitive bid of $22,627 from Cardie Oil Inc. of Tampa.

They awarded a road and bridge transport fuel bid of $26,509 for 5,500 gallons of diesel and 2,500 gallons of gasoline to Cardie Oil over a competitive bid of $26,700 from CG&S.

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