Campaign includes expanding and updating medical clinic

The St. Luke Medical Clinic has been expanded and updated with several changes, thanks to the first leg of the “Moving Froward Campaign.”

“We expanded the clinic to five total exam rooms,” said Roger Schroeder, St. Luke Founda­tion executive director. “Three are in the new (1,000 square-foot) addition, then two that were being used. One was an office space and the other was a glorified break room and needed to be transformed back into a treatment room.”

“The five rooms give us more flexibility for our providers and they won’t have to work on top of one another like they have been.”

The project was initiated partly because of the addition of medical staff, including Tracy Grafton, a nurse practitioner who joined the staff in late December, and family physician Amanda Baxa, who joined the clinic in April.

The project also has provided a larger procedure room for non-emergency situations.

“The procedure room before was pretty small and was mainly for stitches,” said Mike Norris, campaign director. “The room they have in the new space is much bigger and more efficient for everybody involved.”

Tying into the aesthetic look of the St. Luke Hospital renovation was another goal.

“If you’re not really paying attention, you really can’t tell much difference,” Norris said. “But now that it’s done, it looks like the same building. It’s just that they added 1,000 square feet.”