Board discusses roof maintenance, approves 2010-11 fees

The Goessel school board met July 12 and heard the latest roofing report from superintendent John Fast. The school buildings sustained damage in the July 8, 2009, hail storm. During the year since that time, Fast has been working for an insurance settlement. In the meantime, leaks have developed.

Fast worked with roofer Kevin Wray on the roofing issues. It was determined that 80 percent of the school?s roofs need to be replaced. However, the insurance company had not wanted to pay the replacement cost and offered $104,000 for patching. Wray asked his attorney, Jim Gillmore, for advice.

At the July 12 meeting, Fast informed the board that Employers Mutual Casualty is now offering $307,000. Board president Mary Rosfed commented, ?It?s a replacement policy we paid for.? Fast added, ?It appears we are making progress.?

In communication the day after the meeting, Fast was informed that EMC has authorized up to $438,000, which is four times the initial amount offered by EMC. ?It?s a huge benefit for our district,? Fast said. A $9,500 allowance for the greenhouse is included in the settlement.

Fast described the proposed work on the roofs. He said some roofing will be completely pulled up, and some will receive a coating. ?Everything will be basically new, except for a small section,? he said. The new roofs will have the newest material available and will have a 15-year warranty. However, the metal part of the agricultural education building and the tar and gravel part of the grade school will have a five-year warranty.

Wray had informed Fast that he can have three crews working on the roofs, and work can begin at the end of July or early August.

Turning their attention to other matters, Rosfeld asked the board members to describe their respective board positions. Lynnette Duerksen reported on her ?meet and confer? position; Maynard Knepp is also a board representative for meet and confer. ?Basically, we meet with the teacher committee,? Duerksen said. ?We listen to their concerns… It really is driven by our finances… It is always a very good group to work with.?

Darla Meysing is the board representative for The Learning Consortium. ?It?s all about the ITV [inter-active television] classes,? she said. The consortium consists of Goessel, Hesston, Moundridge, and Canton/Galva. Currently, the TLC board meets every month, but Meysing said they might begin meeting every other month instead.

James Wiens is the board?s government relations representative. He said he contacts government officials, and he went to Topeka for two days. He writes letters and e-mails about school issues and makes phone calls. He went to the Kansas Association of School Boards two-day conference in December. He tries to keep track of government issues in relation to schools. Wiens said there would be a community meeting with Bob Brookens.

Dan Miller is the board?s representative to the Marion County Special Education Cooperative, which meets once a month. The co-op consists of the five schools in Marion County. He said the new director is beginning in July. Miller reported that the co-op is solvent. ?There are no debts,? he said.

Rosfeld commended the board: ?I think you?ve all done a great job.? The board voted to retain the same positions. Board member Kelly Booton is the alternate for Miller on the MCSEC board.

In other business, the board:

? approved an aide position for first grade since projected enrollment for that class is 26 students. The aide would work 27 and one-half hours a week, either from 7:45 to 1:15 or from 8:00 to 1:30.

? adopted the 1,116-hour school year.

? established fees as follows: book rental $35, art $28, photography $35, family and consumer science $15, textile and apparel $5, nutrition/wellness class $15/semester, calculator rental $15, chemistry goggles $6, eighth grade life skills $3/quarter, introduction to agriculture $20, plant/soil science $20, ag mechanics $20, ag construction $20, advanced ag mechanics/construction$20, physics $20, high school physical education/ health $10, junior high physical education $6, high school yearbook $40, kindergarten books and materials $17. Lunch prices are as follows: $1.80 for grade school students and $2.00 for high school. The reduced rate for both is 40 cents. Extra milk costs 30 cents. The grade school breakfast fee is $1.00, with the reduced rate at 30 cents. Jill Booton will be the breakfast supervisor.

? considered Fast?s recommendation to purchase a 14-passenger mini bus. It would replace the school?s 20-year-old mini bus. Fast had located a 2007 Bluebird mini bus in Illinois. It was used as a demonstration bus; consequently, it is $3,000 to $4,000 cheaper than a brand new one. Fast said it has 26,000 miles. The bus has seat belts and air conditioning. Fast said it would be used a lot for cross country, golf, forensics and agriculture education. It would be helpful when there are too many students to ride in the school?s van or suburban. Duerksen pointed out that it would cut down on use of a full-size bus, which would save money. Fast said teachers/coaches could drive the mini bus. However, a route bus driver could drive if teachers don?t feel comfortable driving it. Fast said it would be purchased with capital outlay money. ?We have to stay on top of these things so we don?t fall behind,? he said, adding that he thought the mini bus would provide many years of service. The board approved purchase of the mini bus for a price of $43,500 minus $500 for trade-in of the school?s current mini bus that has not been in use because of mechanical issues.

? listened to Fast describe other vehicles. He said a regular bus will need to be replaced. The school?s Suburban is a 1995 or 1996 model. Fast said the mini van has 167,000 miles and is ?basically in good condition.?

? heard junior/senior high school principal Marc Grout?s report on summer maintenance projects. ?We?re just about done with the tile floors,? he said. Some carpet has been replaced.

? discussed Scholar?s Bowl and forensics assistant coach positions. Meysing wondered if those positions had been filled. Grout said the plan is to wait until school starts to see how many students participate in those programs. At that time, it will be determined whether or not assistant coaches are needed.

? heard Fast describe summer maintenance projects at the elementary school. He said that custodian Londell Duerksen has been working in the bathrooms, and Fast noted ?tremendous improvement.?

? heard that new computers had been installed at the elementary school.

? approved the financial statements of $186,075.26.

? met in executive session to discuss ?meet and confer.? In open session, the board approved an increase in the health insurance premium.

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