New machinist business is a dream come true


Matthew Pennington, owner of Pennington Machine Shop Inc., opened his new welding, turning, milling and fabrication business in Lehigh Monday, March 16. Standing at his engine lathe, Pennington said, he can customize parts or repair with near flawless accuracy using this machine.

Opening his own business is a dream come true for Matt Pennington, 31, wife Amy, and their seven children.

He said he wants Pennington Machine Shop Inc., to be known as the place customers can count on for getting their particular job done right and without delay.

?Whether it?s a farmer wanting a steering shaft rebuilt or a demolition derby driver asking for a collapsible driveshaft to minimize damage to himself and his car, I can do it,? he said.

Pennington said he also believes in recycling, which is evidenced by his 32? x 40? structure made entirely from scrap metal.

?I started collecting scraps, buying things here and there until I had enough equipment and materials (to begin a business),? he said.

One of his most prized possessions is his engine lathe, which can turn metal manually and is capable of forming various alloys into specific shapes.

?With this piece of equipment,? he said, ?precision parts can be made for automobiles, tractors, boats, or whatever bolts or components are needed to make something work again.

?The precision work is accurate to within two-tenths of a thousandth inch (or .0002) for near flawless accuracy,? he said.

Along with helping customers with precision parts, Pennington can also create or copy emblems for cars, motorcycles and more.

?Some people like an emblem etched into a motorcycle, but we can do three dimensional emblems, too,? he said.

?If a person dreams it, we can make it,? he said.

Using the computer numerical controlled machine, Pennington said, any type of emblem is possible.

Born and raised in Linds?borg, Pennington said he took classes at Salina Area Technical  College while still in high school.

?After graduation, I worked for PEM in McPherson (Plastics Extrusion Machinery) for a little over three years,? he said.

At PEM, Pennington began fine-tuning his skills by creating custom extruded plastic shapes such as pipes, gaskets, tubes and seals. He then wnt to work for Bradbury Co. Inc. in Mound?ridge, where he stayed for 11 years until being laid off in December because of the economy

?It was at that point, I decided it was time to open my open business,? he said.

When he isn?t working or helping his wife with their children Sierrah, 11; Brittany, 10; Christian, 7; Keagan, 5; Brooklyn 3; Matthew Jr., 2, or Barrette, 1, he said he enjoys fishing.

Pennington Machine Shop Inc., 302K 168, Lehigh, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment. For more information, call 620-483-3156 or e-mail:

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