Farm Bureau focuses on grocery needs

Marion County Farm Bureau Association and other groups across the nation are celebrating Food Check-Out Week, Feb. 15-21.

“The week is devoted to helping teach Americans how to stretch their grocery dollars with healthy nutritious food,” said Jeanne Bartel, Marion County Farm Bureau Associ­a­tion president.

Bartel said the special week has been done annually for the past 11 years with focus on promoting farmers, while at the same time looking at healthy food alternatives.

With the continuing economic squeeze, many Ameri­cans, she said, are concerned that the cost of a healthy diet is out of reach.

However, citing an Agricul­ture Department study, the cost of eating healthy hasn’t changed as much as less-healthy alternatives.

America’s farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe, healthy and abundant food.

Along with other members of the Farm Bureau Association, Bartel said they all share a common concern with consumers when it comes to putting nutritious meals on the table while sticking to a tight budget.

Food Check-Out Week also highlights the safe and affordable food supply, made possible largely by local, productive farmers and ranchers.

According to information provided by the USDA’s Economic Research Service, American families and individuals spend, on average, less than 10 percent of their disposable personal income for food.

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