Country Lakes Cafe prepares to reopen soon after repairs

Barbara and Larry Smith, plus employees, were running Country Lakes Cafe at 202 E. Main in Marion as a delivery meal business Monday, but were hoping to have the doors open Sunday.

Barbara said the restaurant could be open sooner than that if four floor jacks coming from Kansas City could be put in place to secure the building’s ceiling. A structural engineer inspecting it told her that would be sufficient for safety, she said.

Marion police discovered a week ago at 3 a.m. Tuesday,  March 5, that a 10-foot area of brick on the building built in 1886 had collapsed.

Barbara said there are three layers of brick, so there was still enough wall for the inside wall to remain intact.

The engineer told her the collapse probably was just the result of having a rough winter with lots of moisture seeping into the brick, and freezing and thawing it to heave it.

A potential contractor to repair it told her he had just finished a similar repair in Wichita’s Old Town.

Her insurance company has agreed to financing the repair contingent upon getting some bids.

Barbara said the delivery meal business will carry on except for the day floor jacks actually are being put up. The number to call for an order is 382-8848.

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