Livestock ID program is smart for producers

Premises identification program is the latest, greatest promotional campaign designed to encourage Kansas livestock owners to protect their livestock.

Brought to you by the Kansas Animal Health Department, this coordinated effort focuses on educating Kansas farmers, ranchers, landowners or anyone else who handles or manages livestock about the importance of registering locations where animals are held.

This new effort by the KAHD is called Locate in 48. This slogan refers to a system that will allow 48-hour trace back if an animal disease outbreak were to occur.

This system will help protect animals, increase consumer confidence in the nation?s food supply, better connect producers to the global marketplace and protect the Kansas way of life.

Through the program, livestock owners are asked to voluntarily register their premises. The KAHD defines premises as any location where animals are managed or held. This includes farms, ranches, hobby farms, veterinary clinics, stables, livestock markets and any other location where livestock is kept.

Registration will allow animal health officials to quickly contact livestock owners or caretakers in the event of an animal disease outbreak or animal health emergency.

?We are very excited to introduce the Locate In 48 campaign to Kansas,? said George Teagarden, livestock commissioner for KAHD. ?We believe this program will help Kansas ranchers understand the animal health and safety benefits of registering their livestock premises and preserve the future of farming and ranching for generations to come.?

Veteran rancher and state lawmaker Dan Johnson from Ellis County says he wants to ensure everything is being done to protect consumer confidence.

?Because I am a fourth-generation rancher I know how important it is that we are able to protect our animals from widespread disease,? Johnson says.

The livelihood of all livestock producers depends on the health of their animals. It?s important to register each and every premise where livestock are held. It?s the right thing to do to protect individual livestock businesses across Kansas and all those who are involved in the animal industry.

Premises registration is simple, and there is no cost to register. By registering, each livestock owner/operator is taking an important step toward prevention and animal disease control in Kansas.

For more information about premises registration or to register online, visit

Livestock owners can also print a copy of the registration form off the Web site and fax it to 785-296-1765 or mail it to the Kansas Animal Health Department, 708 SW Jackson St., Topeka, KS 66603-3714.

Registrations are also accepted at local Farm Service Agency offices or over the phone at 785-296-2326.

John Schlageck is a leading commentator on agriculture and rural Kansas. Born and raised on a diversified farm in northwestern Kansas, his writing reflects a lifetime of experience, knowledge and passion.

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