DCP, ACRE signup deadline nears

Enrollment into the 2011 Direct & Counter-cyclical Program and the Average Crop Revenue Election ends June 1.

An important consideration within the enrollment process is securing the signature of every individual or entity interest that is identified on a DCP/ACRE program contract (FSA form CCC-509). These party signatures must be present on every CCC-509 contract by no later than June 1.

Therefore, it becomes critical for all interested producers to schedule their enrollment appointments with local county FSA offices in order for their program benefit payments to be issued to them in a timely manner.

As a reminder, farms that elected and enrolled into the ACRE option of the farm program in 2010 must continue to enroll in ACRE for 2011 and the following years. Producers on ACRE farms are under a mandatory obligation to also report their 2010 production harvested by June 1 in order for a revenue guarantee to be determined for the participating farm(s).

Another vital producer responsibility in remaining eligible for 2011 FSA payments is for individuals and legal entity representatives to complete forms CCC-927 or CCC-928, as applicable, that allows a consent to disclose federal tax information with the Internal Revenue Service.

All properly completed CCC-927s and 928s must be mailed by respective producers to the IRS. By filing this form, producers authorize the IRS to disclose only to USDA the accuracy of each producer?s certifications regarding the program?s standard adjusted gross income limits. IRS will report to USDA a yes or no answer about each producer?s eligibility, but will not provide or release actual tax data or documents.

While DCP/ACRE enrollment is being done, producers can file their required acreage reports that allow farms to earn their final program payments in the fall. Reports must be filed on all cropland and noncropland existing on a farm.

Producers will be expected to provide specific planting dates for all acreages annually planted. May 31 is the established final date for producers to report their farms small grain seeded acreages of wheat, barley and oats crops.

Other FSA program deadlines that producers should be aware of are: July 29, for a 2009 Supplemental Revenue Assistance program request; and producers with livestock deaths caused by adverse weather conditions must file a notice of loss within 30 days of when loss becomes apparent to qualify for assistance under the Livestock Indemnity Program.

No application deadlines exist for programs that include the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program, Milk Income Loss Contract program, Farm Storage Facility Loans, Rural Youth Loans, Direct & Guaran-teed Farm Operating & Ownership Loans. Interested individuals should contact the county FSA office at their local USDA Service Center for further details.

Bill Harmon is executive director of the Marion County FSA office.

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