Changes in acreages need to be reported to FSA by Sept. 30

This reminder is for Marion County producers who may have made any changes that affect your interests in the crop base acreages of your current-year Direct & Counter-cyclical Program and Average Crop Revenue Election farm contracts.

It is vital that these producers report these successions-in-interest changes to their local county FSA offices by Sept. 30 in order for payment shareholders to be properly recognized on eligible contracts prior to the beginning of the fall FSA farm program payment cycle.

Also, any producer with a zero-share interest in a farm program contract can still sign contract documents as long as it is submitted by this same Sept. 30 deadline.

Changes that are identified as succession-in-interest are:

n Land sales;

n Operator or tenancy changes (including any increase or decrease in farm partners);

n Foreclosures, bankruptcies, or other involuntary farm losses;

n Modification of producer crop shares that were originally approved on a contract.

If a true succession has occurred on a farm, the ?predecessor? producer(s) are required to refund any advance DCP payments disbursed to them earlier before final payments can be made to a ?successor(s).?

Not reporting successor changes can result in farm contract terminations and losses of payments and benefits for all producers involved.

Bill Harmon is executive director of the Marion County FSA office.

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