CG&S will feel impact of project at Canton location in other ways

Cooperative Grain & Supply, based in Hillsboro, will see some changes in its operation when the Mid Kansas Cooperative grain terminal near Canton comes online later this year.

CG&S is a participating partner in the Team Mar?keting Alliance, along with MKC and two other area cooperatives. Ag Partners, the LLC created for the operation of the grain terminal, will become a member of TMA as well.

Beyond the marketing advantages the terminal is expected to create for TMA partners, General Manager Lyman Adams said the biggest day-to-day impact for CG&S likely will be at its Canton location.

?When you have a modern, state-of-the-art facility just three miles west of Canton, that has an immediate impact on our elevator there,? Adam said. ?It changes, from a management and board standpoint, how we look at our Canton location as far as future grain storage.

?The Canton location will still take grain, we just know our receipts will be down at that location,? Adams said. ?But we plan to keep it still as a viable site for people to deliver grain as we go forward.?

Last year the Canton elevator took in 1.2 million bushels of wheat during the harvest season even though it has storage space for 600,000 bushels.

?With that (terminal) facility going in, we?ll still take wheat and hopefully fill the elevator up, but we won?t necessarily be shipping out at the pace we?ve had to in the past.

?It?s still a very important location for our operation,? Adams added. ?Our plans are to keep the facility up to snuff, running and going forward. It will just be a different grain-storage situation there.?

Adams said member producers are going to benefit as well.

?From the producers? standpoint, it?s a win-win,? he said. ?Suddenly, they?re going to have a train loader within driving miles, versus having to go to Abilene or Salina or Hutchinson or Haysville to connect with that terminal market where the train-loaders are.

?Even for those who don?t do that, suddenly there?s a hub where our market is going to be set, then it filters out form that location to various other locations. So they will see some type of better cash bid at our locations surrounding it.

?It?s huge undertaking, but it will be great when it gets done.?

Cooperative Grain & Supply has locations in Canada, Canton, Hillsboro, Lehigh and Marion.

In Marion County, Mid-Kansas Cooperative has locations in Goessel, Florence, Peabody and Burns.

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