CG&S offers new system for treating soybean seed

Cooperative Grain & Supply has a new $300,000 seed and chemical mixing system introduced for farm use this spring at the Hillsboro Indusrial Park.

Kevin Suderman, CG&S agronomist, said all it takes for him and fellow system operator David Lancaster is a few minutes to change the computerized settings to mix fungicide, insecticide or other chemicals with one of three soybean varieties from three 3,100-bushel storage units.

Or, a farmer can bring in a seed variety purchased elsewhere and CG&S can run it through the mixer?whether it?s six or seven tons or only a few bags?and draw liquid chemicals as needed from three different tanks before it?s augered back into a truck, Suderman said.

The operator only has to set how much seed and how much chemical for the system to calibrate itself for how long it should run, he said.

If it runs 10 pounds of seed too much one time, it recalibrates so the mistake may be only five pounds the next time, Suderman said, adding, ?Which is kind of scary?it learns.

?It?s a very exact system,? he added. ?It gets the exact chemical meaured for exactly how it needs to be applied.

?It?s an interesting system that?s fun to use. It helps farmers be more efficient and more productive in the tons of input they use.?

Suderman said the accuracy of the system will save farmers money and time.

?It?s a great service for us to be able to offer.?

Suderman said farmers who need quick help with planting needs in this busy season can call him at 620-382-4318 or Lancaster at 620-947-1559.

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