CG&S building 310,000-bushel grain silo at Hillsboro

Hillsboro is getting its second skyscraper on the west side of town with construction of Cooperative Grain & Supply?s 310,000-bushel grain silo this winter.

It is scheduled for completion in time for wheat harvest in June.

CG&S General Manager Lyman Adams said the structure will be 60 feet through by 124 feet tall. That?s 8 feet taller than the bins on the first skyscraper, the existing elevator built in 1958-59, but not higher than the elevator plus its pilot house on top.

Dick Tippin, grain marketer, said the existing elevator holds 490,000 bushels.

The two men like to express the cost of the silo at $3 per bushel because it illustrates a cashflow that will help pay it off, not only for the CG&S, but also for local farmers, for whom it saves costs for in terms of time setting in line to unload during harvest.

Farmers might be able to get back to the field or home sooner, they said.

Adams said this is best illustrated by construction of a same-size silo two years ago by CG&S at Marion. To try to keep up with grain intake during harvest, and keep room open for new grain, Adams said before the silo was built at Marion an average 15 semi-truck loads had to be taken out daily.

These trucks slowed the process for elevator staff and farmers because everybody had to wait on them to load, he said. Now, Marion sends out three to five trucks a day during harvest because of the added capacity.

Tippin said the additional storage also can result in a more even flow of grain out for marketing purposes.

Since many farmers now send grain to town during harvest by their own semi-trucks, Tippin said the silo will better enable the co-op to keep pace with them.

Tippin said the grain handling system will allow the silo to receive grain from both legs of the current elevator at a rate of 22,000 bushels an hour.

It also is flexible in the sense that it can handle any type of grain. If the co-op were to fill it with corn at fall harvest, it could be emptied and ready for wheat harvest in June with no adaptations.

?It way speeds up our recovery times,? Tippin said.

The new silo is being built by McPherson Concrete Co., the same company that built the silo at Marion.

Tippin said the millwright work is being done by Frisbie Construction of Gypsum and the electrical work by Elcon Electric of Hillsboro.

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