4-H NEWS (March 14, 2018)

◼ The Livewires-Empire Best 4-H Club had its monthly meeting at the McPherson County 4-H building Feb. 18.

Before the meeting, the 4-H club served sloppy joes, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and dessert to about 20 community members.

After everyone was served and clean-up was complete the meeting was called to order by President Cash Toews.

The Flag Salute and 4-H Pledge were then given. Roll Call was answered by, “Name someone who has helped you or influenced you as a 4-Her;” 11 members, four leaders and nine guests were at the meeting.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. Next was the officer’s report, a treasurer’s report was given by fill-in Isom Marston.

Members attending 4-H Club Days reported on their presentations.

Development Fund names and papers were handed out to members to contact for donations.

Jase Beltz, Josie Beltz and Camden Kruse presented project talks.

The meeting was adjourned and the club repeated its motto, “To Make the Best Better.”

—Jase Beltz, reporter