4-H News (June 17, 2009)

? Goessel Goal Getters. The club met May 4 for its monthly meeting. For roll call, each member had to take a styrofoam cup, write on the cup the trait someone who is trustworthy has, and build a tower out of the cups. They discussed how much effort it took to make the tower, just like how much effort it takes to build trust. Then, it was knocked over, also showing how easily trust is broken.

It was reported that Anthony Esau was awarded a $300 college scholarship from the Marion County 4-H Development Fund. Along with Anthony, other graduates from the club were recognized: Bruce Benjamin from eighth grade, Kaitlin Dailey, Olivia Regier, Laura Unruh and Anthony Esau from high school.

The club also voted to have a drawing for K-State football game tickets and half of a hog to help the Marion Co. 4-H Development Fund.

The exploring 4-H members presented a short skit from the book ?Tacky the Penguin.? After that, Hannah Perry and Laura Unruh told the club about the Character Counts pillar of trustworthiness. Then after refreshments were served by the Gary Duerksen and David Esau families, the meeting was adjourned.

On June 1, the GGG held another monthly meeting in the Goessel Grade School gym. Roll call was answered by ?Least favorite color.?

Some reports of interest were that Marion Co. 4-H Play Day would be June 30. The club would be interested in scheduling a Character Counts meeting sometime in June. Also, trash pickup would be rescheduled to Monday, June 8, in the evening.

This month?s talks were ?Making Puppy Chow? by Rebecca Herrel, ?Banana Bread? by Olivia Duerksen, ?Choosing Project Design? by Laird Goertzen and ?The process of changing a tire? by Austin Unruh. Snacks were provided by the Benjamin and Herrel families.

?Bruce Benjamin, reporter


? Marion County Wide 4-H Horseless Horse Project. At our last meeting we cleaned bridles and learned about the different parts of the bridle.

Our next meeting will be from 4:40 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 24, at the home of Belinda Engler. Our activity will be cleaning saddles and learning different parts of the saddle. Since this will be during the dinner hour, we are to all bring a sack dinner.

All of the beginner riders received their 4-H riding lessons in May, but need to schedule them for June. One intermediate rider participated in the Newton Saddle Club May 30.

The intermediate and advanced rider?s participated in a showmanship clinic and learned all kinds of new things.

The intermediate and advanced riders participated in the trail rides at Harvey County East Lake May 24, the Strong City rodeo parade June 6, and the Maxwell Wildlife Preserve trail ride June 7.

Many of the members participated in a fundraiser car wash June 11 to raise money for the Marion County Wide 4-H Horseless Horse Project.

If you would like to join us for our next meeting, or would like more information about our club, contact Belinda Engler at 620-924-5254.

?Thomas Ciero, historian

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