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? South Cottonwood 4-H Club. The South Cottonwood 4-H Club began the new club year celebrating 4-H Sunday on Oct. 12. The club was hosted by the Hillsboro United Methodist Church.

After a potluck dinner following the service, there was a meeting and signup for projects and committees.

The Nov. 9 meeting included the installation of officers: president, Jacob Fish; vice president, Bryce Roberts; secretary, Elise Heyen; treasurer, Emma Heyen; council members, Bryce Roberts and Jacob Fish; reporter, Tanner Sechrist. Community leaders are Kay Klassen and Sonya Roberts. Singing and recreation were led by SaRae Roberts.

The South Cottonwood 4-H Club had its monthly meeting Dec. 14 at the Hillsboro bowling alley. The role call was answered by ?What do you want for Christmas?? After a short meeting, members began bowling. The meeting was attended by 20 members plus their parents. Everyone had a great time bowling, visiting and eating snacks.

The next meeting will be Jan. 11.

?Tanner Sechrist, club reporter

? Goessel Goal Getters 4-H Club. On Monday, Dec. 8, the Goessel Goal Getters met for the third month of the 4-H year. This meeting was a little different from the other meetings. Prior to the meeting, the club met at 7 p.m. to go caroling at the local nursing home.

The club spent 30 minutes there, before heading back to the school (where the meeting took place) to officially start the meeting.

For the program, the club?s junior leaders ran the club this time. The junior leaders had previous meetings to discuss what we wanted to do for the Christmas party, and they had decided on three things: caroling at the nursing home, playing games and having an art/decorating station. The club would split up into three groups, and then they would rotate stations every 10 to 20 minutes. The caroling had already been done, so all that was left was the other stations.

At the games station, there were quite a few things to do. Out of the three games, the first one played was Sock Dodgeball. This game was played like regular dodgeball, except it was played with rolled and tapped together socks.

The second game was a form of ?Pin the Tail on the Donkey,? except it was putting a sticker on certain parts of a Christmas tree, and you were blindfolded.

The final game was a round of Mad Libs, which had to do with a story of Santa.

Then it was time for the arts and crafts stations. At the first of two stations, you were given a cupcake, and you were allowed to decorate it however you wanted to. Some of the kids had made some heavily decorated cupcakes, some with a little decoration, and then some of the kids just wanted to eat their cupcake.

For the final station of the night, every GGG member got to decorate a Christmas tree ornament with markers. They were handed their cupcakes and ornaments at the end of the meeting.

?Bruce Benjamin, club reporter

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