Quarantine length altered for Marion County

The Marion County Health Department has made some changes to the COVID-19 guidance. As of today:

“In consultation with Dr. Hodson, KDHE, and surrounding counties, Marion County will opt in to CDCs shortened COVID-19 guidance. You may be aware that we have been sending all non-household contacts to KDHE for monitoring. KDHE will be implementing the 10 day period and may have a delay in implementing the 7-day testing portion,” said Diedre Serene, Administrator.

Serene explained that testing is the individual’s responsibility if they choose the 7-day option and points out that the 7-day option requires a negative PCR not antigen.

Testing results may take 3-5 days, if unable to receive the rapid PCR test. Individuals are encouraged to self-monitor for the 14 days, as the incubation period remains at 14 days and has not been changed by CDC.

“We will continue to encourage individuals-if they develop symptoms at any time to contact their healthcare provider. The shortened quarantine will not be used for residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities or offender populations in Department of Corrections prisons,” said Serene.

The shortened quarantine will start on 12/4/2020, going forward. This will not be retroactive and individuals whom have previously been placed in quarantine by the HD will be expected to complete their ordered quarantine.