Potential Hillsboro Street Projects – Full list

Hillsboro City Council?s list of potential street projects

Following is a list of street projects (and their estimated cost) that were included in a survey of Hillsboro City Council members conducted by City Admini?strator Larry Paine. The projects are listed in the general order of interest according to the survey results. The survey was meant only to get a beginning sense of the council?s interest, and the results are not prescriptive for the final plan, Paine said.

Cedar Street, from D to Grand ($565,225)

A Street, from Main to Washington ($159,620 concrete, $132,020 asphalt)

Industrial Road, railroad to U.S. Highway 56 ($454,518)

Second Street, from Main to Washington ($78,938)

Adams Street, from B to the former railroad tracks ($354,430)

Adams Street, from the railroad tracks to Third ($131,330, $277,035 to widen street)

Adams Street, from Third to U.S. 56 ($582,820, $623,875 to widen)

First Street, from Ash to Main ($112,689 concrete, $87,608 asphalt)

Birch Street, from D to Grand ($243,398)

Date Street from D to Grand ($565,225)

First Street, Main to Adams ($611,958 concrete, $493, 638 asphalt)

A Street and Jefferson intersection ($22,750)

Lincoln, First to Second ($82,110)

D Street, Floral to Prairie Pointe ($110,808 slurry seal, $618,222 1.5? asphalt overlay, $1,081,404 3? asphalt overlay)

Lincoln Street, D to Grand ($312,455)

Birch Street, Second to Third ($114,080)

Cedar Street, Grand to Second ($304,060)

First Street, Adams to Wilson ($51,642)

C Street, storm sewer, alley east of Adams ($69,375)

Washingon, First to Second ($78,660)

Grand Ave., Washington to Adams ($196,650 brick patch, $677,750 asphalt)

Third Street, Main to Adams ($186,732)

B Street, Madison to Adams ($95,381 concrete, $60,375 asphalt)

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