Marion County: Becker wins by comfortable margin in primary

by Patty Decker

Initial results from Tuesday’s primary election in Marion County saw incumbent Kent D. Becker easily defeat his two challengers, Larry Cushenbery and Craig Dodd, for the District 1 commission seat.
The preliminary outcome, which included eight poll sites, advanced and early voting follows.

County races
Commission District 1
Becker, (R), 452
Cushenbery, (R), 219
Dodd, (R), 192.

National races
U.S. House of Representatives—District 1
Alan LaPolice, (D), 330 votes
Roger Marshall, (R), 1,575
Nick Reinecker, (R), 499

Kansas races
Governor/Lt. Governor
Laura Kelly, (D), 191
Joshua Svaty, (D), 73
Arden Andersen, (D), 11
Jack Bergeson, (D), 8
Carl Brewer, (D), 115
Patrick “PK” Kucera, (R), 8
Tyler Ruzich, (R), 6
Ken Selzer, (R), 353
Joseph Tutera Jr., (R), 4
Jim Barnett, (R), 238
Jeff Colyer. (R), 848
Kris Kobach, (R), 708

Secretary of State
Brian ‘Bam’ McClendon, 347
Craig McCullah, (R), 198
Scott Schwab, (R), 652
Dennis Taylor, (R), 239
Randy Duncan, (R), 600
Keith Esau, (R), 249

Attorney General
Sarah G. Swain, (D), 356
Derek Schmidt, (R), 1,932

State Treasurer
Marci Francisco, (D), 358
Jake LaTurner, (R), 1,847

Commissioner of Insurance
Nathaniel McLaughlin, (D), 347
Clark Shultz, (R), 1,187
Vicki Schmidt, (R), 875

Kansas House District 70
Jo Schwartz, (D), 164
John E. Barker, (R), 698

Kansas House District 74
Stephen Owens, (R), 726
Don Schroeder, (R), 606

State Board of Education
District 7
James Hannon, (D), 341
Robert D’Andrea, (R), 1,024
Ben Jones, (R), 777

Final results in the local, national and state primary races will not be determined until the commissioners canvass the votes at 9 a.m. Monday, Aug. 13, said Tina Spencer, election officer and county clerk.

*More results and comments from local candidates will appear in the Aug. 15 issue of the Free Press.